Contract SampleThe Installation of Lamp Pictures 

Thyssen Krupp Stahl and ANGANG New Steel: To overcome the plant height, we developed LED mining lamps for the enterprise.

Vending machine co., LTD. Fuji: Based on the characteristics of the vending machine, we used a patented lens waterproof lamp, and we got good reviews from customers.

Dalian Haier Industrial Park: Street lamps and plant mining lamp. 

Panasonic Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd: Design a suit of freezer lighting lamps.

JiuSan Group Dalian Soybean Technology co., LTD: To overcome the flame-proof luminary difficulties which were heat dissipation and short life, we developed the explosion-proof lamps of optical engine for the enterprise, and achieved long life requirement. 

Vale Nickel (Dalian) Co. Ltd.: Conducted the overall lighting renovation and replacement by EMC contract energy management models.

Our service manufacturers are too many, so we don’t list one by one here.