Luxury Crystal Chandelier LED Ceiling Light

Crystal pendant lamp is a kind of pendant lamp that makes by artificial crystal, have luxuriant, noble characteristic. Unique shape, fashion, high aesthetic value. Crystal is the symbol of pure and noble, crystal lamp decoration also represents light and hope. Gorgeous lamp ACTS the role of crystal sitting room droplight adorns bright household lamp to act the role of life.

Product Details

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1.Product Details:

Glittering and translucent crystal foil with its gorgeous, and then after light refracts light shines out, let the whole lamp body appear more luxuriant, so Europe type droplight, distinguished luxury atmosphere, can give more noble household distinguished flavor.


◎Luxurious style, exquisite nobility, class.

◎Bright light effect, fashion style is not easily out of date.

◎Beautiful shape, soft light.

◎Create a noble, elegant and romantic atmosphere.

3.Item Information:

Item No.XH-LED-CL10239 ;XH-LED-CL10240
Luminous flux300000lm
Lamp efficiency100lm/w
Color temperature3000K-7000K all available
Input wattageAC111-240V
ApplicationLiving Room,Bedroom,Restaurant
Warranty3 years
Materialiron + glass


Europe type droplight, its work is relatively sophisticated, this is why the price will be higher than other lighting for one reason, like, wrought iron lamp, most are handmade, strict production process, strictly controlled, won't make any unqualified products.The quality is absolutely guaranteed.






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