1Q18 Performance Of 45 LED Companies: Net Profit Increased To 385.12%.

- Apr 28, 2018-

By the end of 4, the first quarter results of A share listed companies had entered intensive period. According to LEDinside incomplete statistics, as of 28, 45 LED companies have published the first quarter of 2018 report, looking at the first disclosure of the results, although the performance is probably good, but the "ice fire two days" scene.

In the 45 enterprises, more than 60% enterprises achieved performance growth, of which 5 net profit increased by 100%, up to 385.12%, but there were also 3 net profits of more than 100%, the maximum of -465.01%.

From 5 companies with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 100%, the upstream chip end includes de Ho Runda; the middle reaches of the package include Wan run technology and fufu electronics; downstream applications include Otto electronics; and Guangdong, which stripped the LED business at the end of last year.

Among these companies, the largest increase in net profit was Alto electronics. In the first quarter of 2018, it realized 410 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, up 172.76% from the same year, mainly due to 192.02% of the year-on-year growth of revenue from LED applications; the net profit belonging to the shareholders of listed companies was 44 million 137 thousand and 100 yuan, up 385.12%, mainly the expansion of the company's sales scale, the business income, and the gross profit increase, The growth rate is much lower than that of income growth.

It is worth mentioning that among them, de ho run DA and Gan Gan of Guangdong turned into a deficit in the same period. 1Q18 achieved operating income of 870 million yuan, an increase of 2.8% over the same period, and a net profit of 3 million 4 thousand and 700 yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies, an increase of 103.47%. The company believes that the growth of performance is mainly due to the increase in gross profit of chip products during the reporting period. The main reason for Guangdong to realize the net profit growth is to peel off the large original wholly owned subsidiary, Guangdong Deli photoelectric Co., Ltd., and the deferred income balance of the government subsidy of the LED project is 15 million 330 thousand yuan once into the current income, and the company's purchase of "Yun Xin - Hong Rui 24 collection fund trust" has a larger float in this report period. Make a loss.

However, in the 16 companies that net profit fell, gold Wright, Mao Shuo power and Fei Le sound accounted for the top three net profit margins in turn.

In 1-3 months of 2018, Kinlet achieved 230 million yuan in operating income, down 16.85% from the year on year; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed companies was -1201.58 million, which fell to 465.01% from the year on year. The company said that the appreciation of the renminbi, the increase in exchange losses, the decrease in sales and the decrease in gross margins of the products led to a sharp decline in net profit during the reporting period.

Mao Suk power 1Q18 suffered a double decline in net profit and achieved 271 million yuan in revenue, down 17.25% from the year on year, attributable to the net profit of the listed company's shareholders of -460.61 million, down 374.01% from the same year. The company said that the main reasons for the decline in performance include: exchange rate fluctuations and increase in exchange losses; the increase in operating income in the Spring Festival, the increase in the fixed cost of business income, and the decrease of gross interest rate caused by the increase of labor and material costs.

In addition, 2017 years ago, the performance of Wulong music has also been hit by "Waterloo". In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 791 million yuan in 1-3 months, down 30.88% from the same period last year, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -1.98 billion, down 240.32% compared to the same period last year. As for the reasons for the decline in revenue, flying music is mainly due to the reduction of progress in the first quarter of the traditional festivals.

In the middle and lower reaches, most of the upstream chip end enterprises achieve net profit growth, only shellan micro and polyoptoelectronic performance decline; the middle reaches of the package end enterprises are also popular, only poly fly optoelectronics and Xiamen XinDa net profit decline; downstream application end enterprise performance is slightly inferior, a number of enterprises net profit margin Drop.