2.36 Million!Rio Tinto Has Been Awarded The Landmark Landscape Lighting Project.

- May 15, 2018-

Yesterday (14) days late, otto electronic public announcement (hereinafter referred to as the "company"), a wholly owned subsidiary company of hundreds of shenzhen hui lighting engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "hundreds of fai") has received the letter of acceptance, identifying hundreds of fai and Beijing tsinghua with scale planning design and research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "tsinghua with scale") as the "sanya city night view lighting upgrades (5) project (design and construction (EPC) contract) bid for the first" project the winning bidder, the bidding price is 236007446.63 yuan.

According to the announcement, the project is mainly to hainan sanya city along the road on both sides within the scope of the building, road landscape, green plant, the coastline (sanya bay), mountain (the touching, spring hill) in the view of city lighting system upgrading.

The main construction contents include: phoenix road, yuya road, lu ling road, new town road, about 163 buildings;

Road landscape (green planting) nightview lighting is about 30km, and the route is phoenix airport/mobile station - sanya bay reception hotel, phoenix airport/mobile station - luhui national hotel;

Coastline (sanya bay) about 15km;

The mountain is the deer's head and the spring ridge.

Autoart, electronic said hundreds of fai as consortium sponsors to undertake to complete the project construction, the whole content and engineering warranty of defects such as transfer of repair and maintenance work, a consortium members tsinghua with scale is responsible for the project of the construction drawing design.

The project bidding price of RMB 236007446.63 (including design), accounting for the company 2017 annual audited 22.67% of operating income of $1041124027.40, hundreds of fai, 201 audited annual revenues of $544092824.50 43.38%, if the winning project finally signed a formal contract and perform smoothly, the company 2018 annual performance is expected to have a positive impact.

The bid will further enhance the influence of qianbaihui in the industry, and promote the development of oxo electronics in smart lighting.

In recent years, the market segment of high Maori is favored, one of which is landscape lighting, and because of its huge potential, many enterprises in the industry are rushing to attack.

The company is able to buy hundreds of thousands of bright, powerful force landscape lighting.

According to relevant data show that in January this year, hundreds of fai consecutive winning three outdoor lighting project, respectively is xi 'an action Ba ecological landscape lighting promotion project (EPC), nanjing road, fuzhou road circle (districts) improve engineering design and construction general contracting project and beautiful surroundings of Qingdao action 'key along the road lighting engineering (Hong Kong) along the road, DongHai Road, macau road four blocks project general contracting.