2018 Aladdin Forum On Automotive Lighting And Application Summit Successfully Held

- Jun 12, 2018-

On the morning of June 11th, it was hosted by Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., the "2018 Aladdin Forum - the cross boundary and change technology summit: automobile lighting and application" in Guangzhou China, hosted by Guangzhou Aladdin association network Polytron Technologies Inc and Guangdong south net energy light sub lighting Research Institute The venue of the conference hall of conference room 8, B exhibition hall of the import and Export Fair, was gathered.——LED Automobile lighting

The meeting was chaired by He Haixiang, the manager of the LED automotive lighting market, OSRAM photoelectricity semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., deputy director of the Institute of electric light sources of Fudan University, Professor Lin Yandan, chief executive of the Organizing Committee of the China International Automobile Lighting Forum (IFAL) and the project manager of the Changzhou Xingyu light Limited by Share Ltd technology center, Zhang Yinfang Niu Pingjuan, Professor of high power semiconductor lighting application system of Ministry of education and Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of education of Tianjin University of Technology, attended the technical summit.——LED Automobile lighting

He Haixiang: the rapid development of the smart headlamp Market

He Haixiang, manager of LED automotive lighting market, OSRAM optoelectronics semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd.

He Haixiang, manager of LED automotive lighting market of OSRAM optoelectronics semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., reported the latest progress of the company in automotive lighting. He first introduced the rapid development trend of the intelligent headlamp market. "With the updating of the market technology, we will estimate that the smart headlights and LED headlights will be the main trend in the future." Manager He Haixiang analyzed the reasons for the development of intelligent headlamps from three aspects: the scope of use, the price of housing and the large-scale application of technology.——LED Automobile lighting

Subsequently, he analyzed the trend of automobile headlamps for technology development, and suggested that LED would have four ways of development. "First, LED will gradually replace the present steam lamp; second is the innovation of new technology; the third is that LED can also do the design sense of the laser light source, including the larger surface luminance; fourth is the light source suitable for the multi element system for the intelligent lamp, suitable for the use of LED.

After analyzing the background, He Haixiang manager listed some innovative products of OSRAM in recent years. Use Samsung to make low light, 3 ampere or even 6 ampere high power long distance lighting products. At the same time, he also compared the advantages and disadvantages of several different high pixel solutions.——LED Automobile lighting

Finally, He Haixiang manager stressed: "the future trend of the smart headlights for LED is that we have to do more compact and farther, at the same time can achieve a higher integration of a light source, and even a certain number of communication functions."——LED Automobile lighting

Lin Yandan: China's light source enterprises and technology are gradually growing.

Lin Yan Dan, chief executive of IFAL, the deputy director of the Institute of electrical light sources, Fudan University.

The second guest of the summit was professor Lin Yandan, deputy director of the Institute of electrical light research at Fudan University, and Lin Yandan, chief executive of the China International Automobile Lighting Forum (IFAL) organizing committee. She shared with the audience the theme of the "2018 Aladdin auto lighting industry research white paper".——LED Automobile lighting

The first is an overview of the overall automotive lighting market and automotive lighting industry. Professor Lin Yandan introduced the development of the whole car lighting from 1998 to 2011 in the white paper, including some major milestone developments, such as the emergence of the first steam lamp, and the earliest LED signal. She also showed the situation of China's automobile lighting industry through data. "Over the past three years, the number of automobile imports has increased, but the growth rate has been slower." This situation brings a chain reaction. "The industry of lamps and lanterns keeps pace with the growth rate of auto sales, and the whole market is mature and stable."——LED Automobile lighting

The second part, Professor Lin Yandan is talking about the status quo of China's automotive lighting technology. She pointed out that although the technology of the lamp source has grown from abroad, the Chinese light source enterprises and technologies are gradually growing. At the same time, experts believe that the development of LED will lead to the unlimited development of automobile lighting industry, including the safety regulations of automobiles and the development of intelligent headlamps.——LED Automobile lighting

Next, Professor Lin Yandan gave a brief review of car lamps and visitors. She mentioned that the design requirements of lamps and lanterns are very high. They need not only personalized modeling, good light source, but also general compliance. Professor Lin sighed, "automotive lighting is even more demanding than optical design of aircraft lighting." Therefore, she suggests that manufacturers should control technology when designing lamps and lanterns, "don't forget reliability when layout."——LED Automobile lighting

Finally, Professor Lin Yandan mentioned that with the growth of China's auto development trend and technology demand, the industry personnel must consider IOT in the future. Both automotive and automotive lamps and lanterns should strengthen the cooperation of technology and the interactive prediction of the cloud. Finally, "the possibility of the car light industry exists in the case of complete unmanned driving."——LED Automobile lighting

Niu Pingjuan: don't forget the original, absorb the future and face the future.

Niu Pingjuan, engineering and research center of high power semiconductor lighting application system, Ministry of education, Tianjin University of Technology

The last guest of the summit is Professor Niu Pingjuan from the engineering research center of the high power semiconductor lighting application system of Tianjin University of Technology. She shared the information of "LED auto lighting control technology status analysis" with the theme "not forgetting originally, absorbing the future and facing the future".——LED Automobile lighting

Professor Niu Pingjuan from the traditional Chinese Confucianism and Taoism culture leads to the "not forget the original" topic, referring to the automobile lighting industry to "do not forget the original", from the shortcomings of the traditional automobile lighting for today's LED, such as the matrix style headlights, narrow road lighting technology, the atmosphere lamp technology in the car and so on, these matrix type LED are all very Many advantages.——LED Automobile lighting

Secondly, the intelligent technology of car light control, Professor Niu Pingjuan first put forward several key points of the development of science and technology, including the interconnection of all things, large data, artificial intelligence, VR and so on. Then, from the theme of "absorbing the future", she expounds the steps to deal with the intelligent trend of the control of car lights, one is to recognize the calculation of large computing intelligence, two is the ability to listen to perceptual intelligence, and the three is cognitive intelligence. During the period, in order to deepen the understanding of the audience, she also cited the "future car light is the eye of Erlang God" and "Afanda's robot" two images of the future of intelligent car lights.——LED Automobile lighting

Then, Professor Niu Pingjuan analyzed some of the shortcomings of the current LED automobile lighting with the case of matrix laser light, projection laser light, programmable LED lamp and so on, and told us to learn to "face the future".

Finally, Professor Niu Pingjuan divided the intelligent LED headlights into three categories of perception, control and light speed, and stressed that "quality and innovation cross boundary and change are the new thinking and choice of our car lighting."——LED Automobile lighting

At the end of the summit, the guests presented questions and exchanges with the four guests on the field and gave a warm and satisfactory reply to the guests' speeches and the problems in the automotive lighting industry. Distinguished guests have their opinions on the issue of "the current industrial level in mainland China, the impact on design simulation and the future development trend". Professor Niu Pingjuan put forward the idea that the design level should be grounded, and the academics and industry should confirm each other's theory and practice. Professor Lin Yandan believes that we should not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, we must have good design, and have the ability of innovative research and development to ensure the reliability of the product. She also believes that "domestic enterprises, as long as we really want to invest, as long as we really do research and development, we will be able to do well." There are also people who want to know "there are new specifications or requirements for materials based on metal materials", and the Zhang Yinfang manager has also introduced two schemes in detail, including the improvement of the radiator and the improvement of other materials.——LED Automobile lighting

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