2018 China LED Chip Three Major Demand Market Trend Forecast

- Jul 01, 2018-

2018 China LED chip three major demand market trend forecast

    Combined with the development of the industry itself, the forward-looking industrial research institute predicts the development trend of LED chips in the traditional application fields of backlight, illumination and display in 2018 as follows:led bulb light

    1、 LCD backlight

    The LCD itself does not emit light, and it needs to be illuminated by a backlight on the bottom of the LCD panel to display the picture. When the color display was initially commercialized on a large scale, the backlight was CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube), which was subsequently replaced by LED. LED backlights for consumer electronics such as mobile phones led the first wave of high-brightness LED demand. Although OLED is replacing LCD, the large-size TV field will still be dominated by LCD, and the demand for backlight LEDs will gradually increase under the trend of large size and high brightness.led tube light


    The application of LED in the field of lighting can be divided into general lighting (indoor lighting, outdoor lighting), automotive lighting, landscape decorative lighting and other subdivisions. LED light source can quickly replace traditional lighting means due to its simple structure, long service life, rich colors and low energy consumption. At present, lighting is the largest application area of LEDs. General lighting and landscape lighting continue to infiltrate, and automotive lighting and other sub-sectors are in a high growth state.led flame bulb


    The LED display has the characteristics of high brightness and large size, so it has unique advantages in the field of outdoor large screen display. In recent years, technological advances have led to a rapid decline in the cost of LED displays with small pitches (with a pitch of less than 2.5 mm). Small-pitch LED displays have experienced explosive growth in large-screen displays and commercial markets, and are currently the second largest segment of LEDs. Application area.

    On the whole, the downstream application of LED chips has been continuously expanded, so that the future demand of corresponding LED chips will maintain rapid growth.led ceiling light

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