2018 Frankfurt Light+Building Lighting Exhibition, MeanWell Continues To Shine.

- Apr 24, 2018-

From KNX control to DALI dimming, High power high watt power supply to non strobe (flicker-free) LED driver, as long as you shout name, it can be provided! Biennial, integration of lamps and buildings of the index Exhibition - the Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition in Germany, the standard power plant ~ Ming, and the latest lighting and building automation Technology seamless integration, providing power solutions for multi industry applications!

In view of the increasing demand for intelligent buildings in recent years, in addition to displaying the smallest KNX standard power supply ~KNX-20E-640 in the market, the KNX/DALI gateway ~KDA-64, as well as other accessories such as the KNX switch actuator and the USB transmission interface, is also introduced in the exhibition.

In view of the application of plant lighting solutions, the new 650W has a HVGC series with wide range input voltage, IP65/67 waterproof level and constant power characteristics. Because the product is suitable for greenhouse lighting applications, the HVGC-480 (480W) series and the upcoming HVGC-650 (650W) series will attract a lot of potential customers. Inquire and care about the progress of the market.

It is also one of the focus of this year's focus ~ LDC-35/55/80 series. It is the first LED driver with fixed power and no flicker design on the market. This product also provides a DALI version for customers to buy, which is quite suitable for indoor and decorative lighting applications. Referring to DALI, the power supply has a complete solution in the intelligent digital dimming function, whether it is indoor or outdoor, LED lamp or sky light application, once again, as long as you shout name, it can be provided!

If you miss this wonderful 2018 Frankfurt lighting exhibition, it doesn't matter! Just pay attention to the official website of the Ming Dynasty and the official channel of Youku. You can get the latest product dynamics and film display at any time! MEAN WELL – bright in lighting, smart in building!