2018, How Does PHILPS Lighting Layout Special Lighting?

- May 17, 2018-

With the increasingly fierce competition in the field of LED general lighting, the intense competition in the application of LED special lighting has gradually opened. PHILPS lighting has always guided its innovation and vision to transform the intelligent interconnected lighting industry, and has also led the development trend of the industry in the special lighting field.——Special Lighting

"Special lighting is one of the important display platforms for PHILPS lighting innovation strength," said Li Yixin, general manager of PHILPS lighting China OEM channel, "our leading lighting technology and domestic large service network can meet the specific needs of different industries for light sources, improve production efficiency with high quality lighting, Increase the business benefit and improve the user experience.——Special Lighting

(Li Yixin, general manager of PHILPS lighting China OEM channel)

Leading special lighting to digital and intelligent propulsion

It is reported that PHILPS lighting in the field of special lighting, the main three main sections: stage lighting, UV purification, infrared products and some specific industry applications. According to Li Yixin, PHILPS's special lighting business model is similar to the OEM channel. Customers are mainly divided into large OEM factories, small and medium stage lighting products manufacturers and after sale market, such as equipment replacement demand for leasing type companies, and the three sectors are basically double digit growth in China.——Special Lighting

In the near future, PHILPS lighting appeared separately in three application exhibitions in the form of independent booth, in addition to showing the mature application of PHILPS lighting products and systems in different application fields, and more reflected the technical solutions of PHILPS's special lighting business. System services have become the focus of PHILPS lighting, from selling products to selling systems and selling services.——Special Lighting

(PHILPS's exhibition in Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition)

In the field of stage lighting, PHILPS lighting has always been in the leading position in the industry. Since the launch of the first 5R product in 2009, it has changed the application of the industry light source from the traditional MSR to the platinum series. And now this time node, PHILPS lighting the introduction of intelligent lighting series Flex also fully echoed the industry's evolution to intelligent lighting, leading the industry to digital and intelligent promotion.——Special Lighting

The platinum series light source, launched in GetShow, is a masterpiece of PHILPS stage lighting development experience. Two series of innovative products, 550W series and intelligent Flex series, are targeted to optimize the needs of different application scenarios. The high power output characteristics of the 550W series can meet a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, providing indoor high contrast stage lighting design and outdoor lighting derivatives. The intelligent Flex series introduced in this exhibition has various functions. It has unique advantages in energy consumption, intelligent application and system life, and is more flexible in the design of lamps and lanterns and the practical stage.——Special Lighting

(PHILPS stage lighting global product manager Zhou Yuanru introduces MSD Platinum 200 Flex)

From the product line, in addition to the high-end Flex series and platinum series, PHILPS lighting also launched an economic version of the silver series for small and medium customers to meet the needs of different markets.——Special Lighting

So it can be seen that the research and development direction of the PHILPS lighting in the stage light source include: simplifying the design of the heat dissipation of the customer's lamps, improving the luminance of the luminaire output, and improving the color index of the light source. In these three directions, PHILPS lighting will provide comprehensive technical support services, play a role as a bridge between the PHILPS R & D team and customers, ensure that the new products are developed to meet the customers' needs and make the customer's lamps and lanterns maximize the features and advantages of the new light source.——Special Lighting

(innovative products on display by PHILPS lighting)

Strategic layout: China has become the most important market in the stage lighting industry.

From the strategic layout of PHILPS stage lighting, China has become the most important market in the stage lighting industry. Li Yixin shared with reporters that, in the past five years, the strength of domestic lighting manufacturers, especially the Chinese stage lighting enterprises, and the rapid growth of the lighting market have surpassed the international brands in some areas. The PHILPS stage lighting business has also always regarded the Chinese market as one of the most important markets in the world. At present, China has become the second largest producer of PHILPS lighting in OEM business. Follow up PHILPS stage lighting will pay more attention to China's position and voice in the world. In recent years, PHILPS lighting has further increased its investment in China in terms of new product introduction, resource allocation, staffing and so on.——Special Lighting

In the traditional UV lamp plate, PHILPS lighting has been in the lead, and this year also introduced the first UVC module, and revealed that the follow-up will continue to develop products and technologies including UVC, UVA, UVB.——Special Lighting

(innovative products on display by PHILPS lighting)

On the future of special lighting planning, Li Yixin said: "products, PHILPS lighting will continue to be people-oriented, market oriented, to continue to launch more and better lighting products to meet the market demand, for some products to pursue price performance, joint dealers will be done together; in addition, it will continue to expand. A group of customers who have not been covered before.——Special Lighting

In addition to products and channels, PHILPS lighting also actively related personnel and technology reserves. In the past three years, he said, the performance of China's stage lighting has kept growing steadily. In the future, LED products with competitive advantages in the field of resources development will be invested in the future to maintain a more healthy and stable growth.——Special Lighting