2018 List Of Intelligent Lighting Enterprises

- May 31, 2018-

The future of lighting will be intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting is a concept of continuous development. Because of technological progress, the content of intelligent lighting in different periods is different. In the past, intelligent lighting may only need energy saving, remote control and intelligent interconnection of other intelligent devices. However, with the development of technology, the concept of intelligent lighting has new meanings, such as changes in environment, automatic regulation of light intensity, fault active alarm and remote monitoring of intelligent household appliances.——LED intelligent lighting

The biggest difference between intelligent lighting and traditional lighting is to use new technology to find new markets, play new models, and bring new changes to people's lives. In the past few years, more and more practical applications of intelligent lighting have come to the ground. According to the public data, by 2020, intelligent lighting will account for 20% of the global lighting market. It is expected to be a new blue sea in the future market.——LED intelligent lighting

In the future, smart lighting applications will be increasingly rich

Today's intelligent lighting is not only limited to the change of the luminous body, but the integration of many modern technologies, such as communication, sensing, cloud computing, and the Internet of things, to achieve automatic control of light level.——LED intelligent lighting

Intelligent lighting in the home industry to meet the lack of eye learning and gradual darkening to promote children's sleep and other personalized application scenes are no longer described, compared to home, intelligent lighting in the public space development is more rapid. Among them, streetlights everywhere become the first step for many cities to become intelligent, and also the business opportunities for many intelligent lighting players. The street lamp is distributed in every corner of the city. It is a perfect device for collecting all kinds of information. It can control the running state of each lamp and reduce the cost of maintenance through the platform. It can also adjust the number of lights and lights according to the traffic flow and time. If these multi-functional street lamps are equipped with sensors and other monitoring devices, the information of weather, environment, traffic and human flow can be collected in real time, which can help improve the urban governance, thus can be used as an entrance to the intelligent city and help the development of the intelligent city.——LED intelligent lighting

In the application industry of intelligent lighting, the hotel service industry is the main market of intelligent lighting system, followed by factory, office field, entertainment lighting field and commercial shop. The application of intelligent lighting is becoming more and more abundant. In the future, intelligent lighting will be applied wherever there is light.——LED intelligent lighting

Lighting manufacturers are required to speed up the layout of intelligent lighting

The leading enterprises in the lighting industry are promoting the maturity of the intelligent lighting market, while small and medium enterprises are following up.

In January this year, OSRAM released the SymphoCityTM central management platform for urban lighting, security, environment, energy and communication, and has begun to install and deploy in many cities in China.——LED intelligent lighting

On the other side, PHILPS lighting announced that the company would change its name to Signify in March this year. The new company's name comes from a new definition of lighting: "light has become an intelligent language to connect and transmit information", reflecting the determination to transform from "lighting" to "intelligent interconnected lighting systems and services". Next to the Frankfurt lighting exhibition in Germany, the Internet of things platform Interact is introduced to integrate the original intelligent lighting system under this platform. The platform can collect and integrate continuous network lighting device, sensor, transmission equipment and system with increasing data, with high security and extensibility.——LED intelligent lighting

Focusing on the technology of intelligent lighting and central control system, the first level of system level intelligent lighting solution is put forward. The current intelligent lighting products are composed of super switch, super lamp, wireless small switch and APP. The wireless communication protocol of Zigbee+ WIFI can be used to dynamically organize network. At most, 2000 lamps are controlled at the same time. Huang Xiaojun, the founder of tune technology, said: "the truly complete solution of intelligent lighting can only be a software and hardware integrated solution." Adjusting technology is one of the many pioneers in the whole intelligent lighting solution. The lighting factory is laid out from the global field, and the intelligent lighting new show is coming from the vertical field.——LED intelligent lighting

Transboundary, the better integration of advanced technology

Intelligent lighting seems to have a broad future, but the lack of some core technologies and standards are not unified, and the inaccuracy of the user's demand is not accurate. The development of the intelligent lighting industry has not been a smooth sailing. Among them, the interconnection between intelligent lighting products and other smart home products is the most difficult problem for enterprises. With the advent of the era of Internet of things, intelligent lighting can not exist alone. It must communicate with other Internet of things furniture and influence.——LED intelligent lighting

Cross border cooperation, integration technology and resource advantages have gradually become the consensus of many enterprises in the field of intelligent lighting. In recent years, PHILPS lighting and millet signed a new joint venture company, Haier launched a professional lighting brand Haier small housekeeper, OPPLE and HUAWEI to jointly open strategic cross-border cooperation, the field of intelligent lighting cross-border cooperation more and more diversified, more and more in-depth. The enterprise can cross boundary and enter the intelligent lighting market, which is based on the electronic and network transformation of the lighting system. It can not only realize the intelligent control of the lighting system, realize the basic functions of automatic regulation and scene lighting, but also develop into an Internet entrance and attract the flow. Where there is traffic, more value-added services can be derived.——LED intelligent lighting

Smart home enterprises and professional lighting manufacturers and technical vendors specializing in the new technology of the Internet of things to cooperate to create a new future of intelligent lighting, cooperation in the technical level and compatibility platform, and more conducive to the development of intelligent lighting and smart home market.——LED intelligent lighting

The future lighting list should be an intelligent lighting list

The future of intelligent lighting is not only simple to provide lighting.

The intelligent lighting system that people need is more than just using mobile phones to control bulb switches, changing colors or remote control. And the intelligent lighting we need needs to move towards more humane, more comfortable light and anticipate the needs of users in advance.——LED intelligent lighting

It is impossible to succeed in telling stories, spelling concepts, burning capital, and fighting public relations. Finally, it is necessary to return to the original point of creating value for the users, but only quality delivery is the way out.——LED intelligent lighting

The future development of intelligent lighting depends on two aspects: first, the smart home should provide the value for the customer, the customer is willing to use, more and more people use, can realize the scale and open up the bigger market. The two is the development of intelligent lighting to smart home and intelligent city. It has become a flexible link to connect intelligent life. The ultimate aim is to make life simple, practical and beautiful.——LED intelligent lighting

To a large extent, it depends on the embrace of the Internet.

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