2018 The Expo Will Soon Take Place. Delta Will Take You To The New Idea Of Intelligent Factory.

- Sep 15, 2018-

The 2008 China International Industrial Exposition, the annual industrial event, will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on September 19. As an active promoter of intelligent manufacturing, Delta will exhibit flexible multi-task intelligent production lines, visual energy management, building automation and other system products. It will implement a comprehensive solution of intelligent factory based on Delta's green manufacturing development concept and advanced technology and products to provide manufacturing customers with intelligence. High value services such as production, office and energy management.——LED intelligent lighting

Manufacturing factories in the intelligent age require not only the effective unification of production, manufacturing and operation management, but also the green energy-saving effect. At the 2018 Industry Expo, delta divided the functional area of intelligent factory into different display areas. Integrative manufacturing system, visual energy-saving and efficient management solutions based on Delta's software and hardware industrial automation products can achieve more advanced production intelligence. At the same time, Delta's various systems and solutions in energy management and building automation also increase the value of Delta's overall intelligent factory solutions.——LED intelligent lighting

To assist customers to master factory production operation elements

In this exhibition, Delta will be the first time in China to exhibit the intelligent production line which can simulate the production line operation for visitors'custom gifts. Visitors can use computers, tablets or mobile phones in the Manufacturing Execution System (DIAMES) online order, and real-time monitoring of the progress of work and equipment operation data; robot workstation to carry out the work of taking and placing, packaging, and ultimately complete the gifts shipment / warehousing operations; Delta image reader scanned the guest SMS QR Code, automatically picked up by the robot. Goods.——LED intelligent lighting

Delta also combines electronic servo press and locking screw robot to create fully automatic and intelligent parts locking and stamping equipment, series control, information management system, real-time information upload database and management platform, to achieve computer networking and visual management.——LED intelligent lighting

The integration of modules and hardware and software developed by Delta Research Institute will also be unveiled at this exhibition. The precision metal positioning system which can be used to detect and assemble special-shaped plug-ins can take pictures quickly in moving, with high precision, low false detection rate, and significantly improve plug-in operation speed. The solution can help users understand the status of the site to improve production efficiency and yield.——LED intelligent lighting

Delta production line visual monitoring solutions, plant monitoring energy management solutions, robot solutions, motion control solutions, a new generation of highly integrated micro-module data center solutions and suitable for industrial power products will all be presented to assist factory manufacturers and managers to strengthen the management of production Control, make the situation of the manufacturing site transparent, and achieve more advanced intelligence and energy saving.——LED intelligent lighting

Support intelligent, efficient, energy efficient, safe and comfortable support for offices.

Delta's strong office intelligence capability will also be fully reflected in the Expo. A collection of Delta Building Automation, Vivitek video projection, AI and big data solutions, and Delta's free exchange products, to support office intelligence.——LED intelligent lighting

Delta Intelligent Building Solution adopts the IoT management platform with edge computing technology, integrates air conditioning, lighting, power, entrance guard and security and other mechanical and electrical equipment with open communication protocol, and ensures stable production process with precise environmental control technology. Combined with energy management platform, energy efficient and intelligent building is realized.——LED intelligent lighting

In terms of lighting, Delta Industries perfectly reflects the beauty of lighting with high patio lights and Astra indoor lights; more circadian rhythm lighting display, according to different situations, adjust the color temperature and brightness of illuminated lights to provide the best working lighting environment.——LED intelligent lighting

A 360-degree panoramic fish-eye camera and a 3D flow counting camera are displayed by Delta's Jingrui Telecom VIVOTEK to provide a safe, zero-dead-corner office environment. They are integrated with the building management and control system of Delta to monitor and manage the entry and exit, quantity, and behavior of executives.——LED intelligent lighting

In addition, Delta's exhibited office solutions include UNO's indoor and outdoor environmental quality service, which can dynamically detect indoor and outdoor environments and human behavior; Delta Vivitek (Lixun) business projector with a brightness of up to 5,000 lumens; and Delta's Best Intelligent Conference and Intelligent Classroom Experience, which can meet the needs of interactive experience. Products, and AI and big data solutions for intelligent manufacturing era.——LED intelligent lighting

Help industrial users to use clean and reliable green energy

As a leading provider of energy management solutions, Delta insists on providing clean and reliable green energy for industrial users. At the exhibition, Delta exhibited solar inverter, electric vehicle charging solutions, street lighting solutions and other high-efficiency systems.——LED intelligent lighting

The system is easy to manage and has powerful remote management functions. It supports the dynamic information release of text, picture, audio, video, web page and so on.

Delta has the intelligent street lamp solution with the networking function. The connected LED intelligent control system provides the DC centralized power supply function. The dimming is stable and disturbance-resistant. It is safe and reliable. It can meet the demand of intelligent city lighting which integrates interconnection, monitoring and management.——LED intelligent lighting

Also on display are AC and DC electric vehicle charging devices for new energy vehicles, which can provide convenient user identification services, save charging costs with time and electricity prices, and support the integration of charging station management systems; photovoltaic inverters that can be installed directly outdoors, etc., to help new energy development.——LED intelligent lighting

In addition, new industrial automation products launched by Delta in recent years have also been displayed one by one, including servo drive ASDA-A3 series, ASDA-B3 series, programmable logic controller (PLC) AS200 series, multi-axis motion controller DVP50MC series, man-machine interface DOP-100 series, CNC system NC200 series, NC300 series and so on.——LED intelligent lighting

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