236 Million! Otto Electronics Re Winning Landscape Lighting Project

- May 16, 2018-

Yesterday evening (14), Otto Electronics (hereinafter referred to as "the company") issued a bulletin, the company's wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen thousand Hui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "thousand Hui") recently received the "bid notice", which confirmed the thousand Hui and Beijing Qinghua Tongheng planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qinghua Tongheng") "Sanya city night view lighting upgrade (five phase) project (design and construction (EPC) general contract) the first bid" winner ", the bid price of RMB 23600.744663 yuan.——Landscape lighting

According to the announcement, the project mainly upgraded the city night view lighting system of buildings, road landscapes (green planting), coastline (Sanya Bay) and mountain (Luzhou Luzhou, Lin Chun Ling) on both sides of the road in Sanya city of Hainan province. The main construction contents include about 163 buildings along the Phoenix Road, Yulan Road, Lu Lu Road and Xincheng Road; the road landscape (Lv Zhi) night view lights are about 30km, the lines are Phoenix Airport / EMU Station - Sanya Bay Yingbin Hotel, Phoenix Airport / EMU Station - LULU guesthouse; the coastline (Sanya Bay) is about 15km; the mountain is deer turning back, Luling and Lulu mountains.——Landscape lighting

Otto electronically indicated that thousand Hui, as the co sponsor, took on the project construction, the overall transfer and other engineering contents, and the defect repair and repair work during the project warranty period, and the design of the construction drawings of the joint member of the Tsinghua Tongheng project. The winning price of the project is RMB 236007446.63 yuan (including the design fee), accounting for 22.67% of the audit operating income of 1041124027.40 yuan in 2017 of the company, accounting for 43.38% of the 544092824.50 yuan of the audit operating income of thousand Hui 2017. If the winning bid is finally signed and carried out smoothly, it is expected to be 2018 of the company. The annual operating performance will have a positive impact. The winning bid of this project will further enhance the influence of thousands of brilliance in the industry and promote the development of Alto electronics in the smart lighting sector.——Landscape lighting

In recent years, the subdivision market of high Maori has attracted much attention, one of which is landscape lighting. Because of its great potential for development, many enterprises in the industry have attacked. Alto electronics, through the acquisition of thousands of Hui, strong efforts to landscape lighting. According to relevant information, in January this year, thousands of Hui has been winning three outdoor lighting projects, namely, Xi'an Chan Ba ecological area landscape lighting upgrading project (EPC) project, Nanjing Road, Fuzhou Road (city and Southern District) to brighten project design and construction general contract project and beautiful Qingdao action along the important Road brightening and upgrading along the road Engineering (Hongkong Road, Donghai Road, Macao Road) general contracting four tenders project.——Landscape lighting