3 Functions Of LED Intelligent Control Technology: Light Detection, Communication And Power Measurement

- Jul 15, 2018-

At present, the LED lamp has to ordinary people in the family, LED energy saving technology and intelligent control technology is a combination of both is necessarily LED lighting intelligent control technology in the future research direction and development trend of intelligent building. (LED chandeliers)



The connotation of LED intelligent control technology



LED intelligent control technology are connected to the control system based on network platform, scattered in the client's site control equipment to control lights, by changing the light is dark color to meet the requirements of the scene, even in a more comfortable and more suitable for the requirements of the scene atmosphere environment of light, to achieve the common saying say light due to the changes in light and shade and vivid scenes.

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The LED light source is more suitable to realize the adjustment and control function than the traditional lamps, especially the same set of LED lights can realize the change of various lighting colors, while the traditional lamps are difficult to achieve.

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Intelligent lighting control system using electromagnetic voltage regulation has been fully mature and electronic sensors, LED, and application program interface of the control system are linked together, with sensors distributed in buildings, building control management personnel can make the fullest use of these data, the energy optimization, operation efficiency, etc to make wise decisions.



Advantages of LED intelligent control technology



LED lighting intelligent control technology can be through the intelligent control system can make the LED light according to the scene, the environment changes automatically adjust light toning, and on the manipulation of the host of the control system of real-time monitoring of running status of feedback technology, LED, to give full play to the unique performance of semiconductor components, it has the following advantages: (LED chandeliers)



First of all, multiple LED lights are powered by a centralized dc stabilized voltage power supply. As a result, the reliability and service life of LED lamps are improved due to the use of dc low-voltage drive. (LED chandeliers)

Second, many LED lights form system, complementary and coordination, make the system more energy-saving, truly highlight LED lamp power saving features, for the long open 24 hours a day LED lights to pay costs in the short term;

Third, it can provide users with more flexible and flexible energy-saving strategies to solve the heat dissipation problem after LED lights are turned on. (LED chandeliers)

Fourth, the diode element characteristics of LED can be used as the carrier of information transmission. (LED chandeliers)



With the progress of the LED manufacturing process and manufacturing costs decline gradually, at the same time with the aid of advanced lighting intelligent control technology, the LED will in all kinds of lighting applications in the broad market play an important role.



Principle of LED intelligent control technology



System through the front-end ambient light sensor detection, which can realize the scene illumination brightness adjustment, in addition, through the sensor to detect the ambient light color, to adjust the color of the lighting system, real-time adapt lighting equipment to the scene atmosphere. (LED chandeliers)

Communication function relies on all kinds of sensors, field control equipment and mainframe interconnection into a network to achieve remote control. (LED chandeliers)

In addition, if reconnected to the self-inspection module of the system and the power measurement equipment, it can not only accurately calculate the power consumed, but also provide the whole system with advance maintenance. (LED chandeliers)

These features, such as detecting ambient light color, communication, self-inspection and power measurement, will further save energy and reduce operating costs. (LED chandeliers)



Ambient light sensors are installed in all corners of the site to sample the amount of light on the site and feed it back to the host. These sensors are considered as outposts and eyes of the LED lighting system. (LED chandeliers)

When sensors collected already has plenty of room light, by its feedback the information to the host, the control program will spot lights dimmed or even completely shut down, not only save energy and prolong the life span of the lamp. (LED chandeliers)

This kind of front-end sensor mainly detects the luminance and power consumption of the lamp as well as the filtering of infrared and ultraviolet light in ordinary sunlight. (LED chandeliers)



Of course, these sensors should be efficient calmly running on the system, the work can't consume too much power, usually the quality of the ambient light sensor current shall not exceed 1 microamps, and lumen testing scope must achieve 0.1 lumens to the range of 100000 lumens, which is typical of outdoor environment illumination range, can meet the requirements of most applications. (LED chandeliers)

Considering the reliability and foresight of the system, it is necessary to install the front-end optical sensor with a larger detection range.

Filtering ultraviolet and infrared light that cannot be seen by the naked eye can effectively improve the accuracy of feedback data of environmental light sensors. (LED chandeliers)



LED intelligent control technology function



(1) intelligent LED light detection function



The installation position of the ambient light sensor should avoid the light irradiation of the lamp itself as far as possible, so that the environmental light measurement is not affected by other factors.

Design line, an ambient light sensor can be located in the independent circuit boards, avoid light irradiation in the shadows, this design makes the sensor in the accurate scope of the ambient light is detected more than the preset value, can sample data optical feedback in a timely manner to the host, which closed lighting control system.

If the designer adds three color sensors to the system, it will add more color and vitality to the field lighting.



(2) LED intelligent communication



When designing, make the lamp build into a network, control the switch of the lamp remotely through the network, adjust the light or adjust the color, greatly facilitate the control and reduce the human cost. (LED chandeliers)

Communication function makes it possible to maintain the system, especially to accurately determine the fault location and reduce the recovery time. (LED chandeliers)

Create GL7000 series dimming equipment by the way, for example, the brand good regulation performance, the quality components, users reflected in the use process for 9 years experienced only one the problems due to the damage of power transformer parts, more is artificial reasons such as equipment operators accidentally touch broken line, lead to poor communication problems, due to its own communications self-diagnosis function, when a communication failures, can detect the position of the breakpoint, immediately after to facilitate the engineering staff of the rapid repair.

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(3) intelligent LED lighting power measurement function



Along with the expansion of intelligent to various fields, intelligent LED lighting system should also have the function of the power consumption statistics, or computing, the current power supply departments have been cancelled human on-site meter reading, instead, the intelligent remote meter reading, almost all the smart grid terminal equipment has the function of electric energy measurement, able to provide more accurate power department and user and the power of the real-time data information, makes the power supply department can clear to collect fees, the user can clearly.

For the detailed information of the urban construction and municipal lighting environment also can be measured by power function feedback to urban lighting management, through the timely close not to use the floodlight or dimming, fast accurate response to user requirements.



The future of LED intelligent control technology



LED lighting intelligent control technology has a broad space for development, it is not just limited to the function of lighting, crystal diode by providing different control voltage, make its have very convenient switch, including color, modulation and control characteristics, based on the above characteristics can build an intelligent network platform, the various front sensor feedback information together, the LED will play an important role in the platform, show more applications and functions. (LED chandeliers)



LED lights make our traditional lighting to energy conservation and environmental protection, but also achieve the communication and control mode leds potential seamless combination, will make the building lighting and control equipment more convenient and more green environmental protection. (LED chandeliers)

LED lights can transmit network signals and control signals through light, and send modulation signals to complete the transmission of information and instructions. (LED chandeliers)

At present has been widely replace the traditional lighting, LED if it combined with intelligent control system is both powerful and will show to a great extent properties and advantages of LED lighting, literally create a conforms to the basic demand of low power consumption, high efficiency intelligent control system of LED lighting. (LED chandeliers)