3D Has Strong Demand For Sensing And Vehicle Applications, And Dingyuan Has Actively Expanded Its Performance.

- Jun 18, 2018-

Ding Yuan (14) held a shareholder meeting yesterday (14), through a share of 0.69999716 yuan per share (NTD, the same below), benefited from the strong demand of new applications such as car, 3D sensing and automation equipment to promote the rapid increase in the temperature of the Dingyuan operation, and the company is actively expanding its capacity. The new plant is expected to be completed in June. Expansion of the company is expected to be completed in June. The capacity of postpartum sensing elements will increase by 50%, and the proportion of sensing components will also be raised from 50% to 60%. It is expected to further promote the Maori and profit of the Ding Yuan. In terms of growth, the company expects to have more than 2 yuan in earnings per share this year.

The early products of Dingyuan are mainly LED light emitting components, and then into sensing elements and optical communication products. Currently, sensing components cover medical, automation equipment, space, vehicle and consumption and 3D sensing products. The proportion of vehicle products accounting for sensor components has reached 10%, benefiting from vehicle, 3D sensing and automation equipment. Strong demand for sensing components and other new applications led to a significant increase in the proportion of sensor components to 50%, which has become the main kinetic energy for growth.

At present, the 5 inch production capacity of Dingyuan's bamboo South plant is about 60 thousand pieces per month. The capacity scale has been the top spear in the world, the prospect of the good sensing elements is seen, the Dingyuan is actively expanding the new factory, the 6 inch factory dust free room is expected to be completed in June, the equipment installation is started in July, the operation is started in September, the first stage capacity is 30 thousand, the postpartum sensing element is expanded. The production capacity will increase by 50%, and the proportion of the company's revenue will also rise from the current 50% to 60%, and the gross profit margin will be increased by 2 percentage points to 3 percentage points.

In terms of investment, Dingyuan's investment in Dingji section has turned into a profit in the 2 quarter, which has positive benefits to the profits of the yuan.

The first quarter of Dingyuan was affected by a loss of 9 million 530 thousand yuan after a single season, and a earnings of 0.03 yuan per quarter per quarter, but as the exchange rate of the new Taiwan currency was derogated, the remittance return had made the Ding Yuan profitable, benefited from the smooth shipment of sensing elements. The stock surplus is expected to exceed 2 yuan.

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