7-11 Vertical Farm Uses Philips LED Growth Lamp, Vegetables Fresh And Healthy

- Mar 28, 2019-

It is reported that in November 2018, Japan's largest convenience store announced the establishment of a large plant factory in Tokyo to provide vegetables for salads and other foods sold in its stores.

Plant factories are built by Prime Delica, an enterprise that produces convenience products for 7-11. Prime Delica has long supplied high-quality cooked food to 7-11. Its vertical farm in Xiangmuyuan, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, has now adopted Sinophi's LED plant growth lamps.

Sunofi's Philips Green Power LED lamp helps Prime Delica grow vitamin-rich and nutritious crops. Prime Delica uses different light formulas at different growth stages of different crops to pre-harvest them in order to improve vitamin C levels and meet the requirements of functional foods. In addition to high quality, the bacterial content of crops grown on vertical farms is low, and pesticides are not needed during the growth process.

In addition, LED lighting in vertical farms controls the cultivation process by adjusting the color, duration and lighting location, so food dealers can stabilize the supply of vegetables. Prime Delica, in collaboration with plant experts from Tamagawa University, CCS and Sanofi, has developed a crop growth formula using Philips Green Power LED growth module. Researchers use the right light strategy to help them fully control crop growth cycles.

The whole process of Prime Delica vertical farm from sowing to harvesting has been automated, which minimizes manual operation time and improves the level of crop hygiene. Nowadays, the whole growth cycle of lettuce from sowing to harvesting is only about 39 days, while that of lettuce from traditional open-air farms takes 70 days. Moreover, the lettuce yield of the vertical farm can even reach 3200 kg/day.

Masayoshi Saito, chairman of Prime Delica, said the company's vegetables, which are very fresh and vitamin-rich, can be delivered to 7-11 stores within 48 hours of harvest. Although the cost of lettuce per vertical farm is higher than that of traditional open-air farm, the overall cost of processing process is greatly reduced in terms of logistics, inspection and washing, and there is little waste.

Prime Delica is said to be considering planting strawberries and other crops on similar vertical farms in the future.