705 Silicone Rubber

- Dec 11, 2018-

The patented waterproof lamp bar we mentioned yesterday is made of fully poured sealant. The glue used is 705 silicone rubber.

Transparent, easy to disassemble and repair, mostly used for optical transparency occasions, and silicon controlled rectifier tube mesa protection. It is widely used as transparent anti-fouling and flashover coatings. It has good adhesion, water resistance and fast curing. Temperature resistance - 60 -+200 C. It is non-toxic, solvent-free, pollution-free and corrosion-free. It absorbs moisture in air at room temperature and solidifies easily and safely. It belongs to non-dangerous goods. It has excellent weather resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation performance and fast solidification. It has stable performance and wide application range. It is widely used in the adhesion of electronic, instrumentation, chemical, light industry and machinery industries. Sealing, insulation and filling; Surface protection of equipment management. It has excellent electrical insulation and arc resistance, moisture-proof and shock-proof.