A Simple And Representative Case Study On Lighting System Of Sports Ground

- Jun 12, 2018-

    Recently, I saw a national fitness stadium, which is representative. The sports lighting system is simple:

    Lamp posts: 4

    Lighting arrangement: multi-pole arrangement on both sides

    Lamp number: 5 sets/rod

    Total number of lights: 20 sets

    There are tens of thousands of similar sports venues, including schools and communities. ( LED stadium light)

    In China, there is not a small gap between this and developed countries, which also indicates that we still have a large space and potential for development. ( LED stadium light)

    Figure 1 lighting area

    This kind of layout is very suitable for the stadium without TV broadcast, which meets the needs of amateur competitions, training and national fitness. ( LED stadium light)

    The multi-bar arrangement of two side lighting devices has good economy and can meet the basic lighting requirements. ( LED stadium light)

    Generally, the lamp pole height of multi-pole lamp can be lower than that of four corners, which is the main reason of economy. ( LED stadium light)

    Bar decorate more often have four bar decorate, shown in figure 2 "4", also has six pole placement, as shown in figure 2 of the "low", I have eight pole arrangement, "end" is shown in figure 2, there is almost no use light pole pole arrangement or ten rod above arrangement. ( LED stadium light)

    Odd number lampposts are rarely used except for expansion projects. ( LED stadium light)

    FIG. 2 multi-bar lighting arrangement

    In order to avoid glare interference of a goalkeeper and attacking players, with the goal line midpoint as the benchmark, at least within 10 ° Angle on both sides of the bottom line is best not to decorate a light pole, pink areas in the figure. ( LED stadium light)

    FIFA gives the minimum height of the light pole, which means that the height of the light pole must satisfy h > 15m. ( LED stadium light)

    Even at the same time meet the requirements of phi acuity 25 ° in figure 3. ( LED stadium light)

    FIG. 3 height triangle of lamp installation

    In figure 3, h is the installation height of the lamp. ( LED stadium light)

    D is the distance from the bottom of the lamp pole to the center line in the direction of the long axis of the field; ( LED stadium light)

    Purge is shown in figure 3.

    It can be seen from this that, even the lighting course of national fitness, sports lighting is quite complex.

    Unfortunately, there are still not owner did not attach enough importance to sports lighting, optional put a few lights to meet the requirements of the light, the effect of the cause of any lighting stadium, affect the development of nationwide fitness campaign. ( LED stadium light)

    Because it's simple, it's economic; ( LED stadium light)

    Because of the economy, it's easy to promote. ( LED stadium light)

    The sports lighting of national fitness has bigger development space! ( LED stadium light)