Accumulation: Continuous High-order LED Display, Development And Application, And Accelerated Layout Of Vehicle Lighting.

- Jun 17, 2018-

The IC design accumulation and Hun Jie shareholders will pass the 106 year earnings report and the surplus dispatch case, and accumulate 2.5 yuan cash per share and 0.5 yuan stock dividend per share, and Sun Jie has not issued a dividend due to the sustained loss last year.

Chen Qikai, the general manager of accumulation, pointed out that this year, it continued to move towards the high level LED display development application, increase the value-added function of the product, and develop product optimization and upgrading and more cost-effective products, and develop the Micro LED display based on the super small space LED display module development plan. In addition, the outdoor building lighting and the white DC-DC, AC-DC constant current and switching drive IC are developed as the spindle. Vehicle parts will accelerate the layout of vehicle OE lighting technology and products.

The company has actively developed and integrated USB Type-C PD3.0 specifications on NB, charger and Cable products. It has been formally approved by USB PD3.0 specifications, and helps to accelerate the popularization of USB Type-C PD3.0 interface and provide high quality products with high integration of customers. In terms of consumer electronics products, we are actively launching a new generation of enhanced MCU products, focusing on the development of RGB LED lamps.

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