After Acuity Brands, Another Us Company Announced Price Increases.

- May 17, 2018-

Acuity Brands, an American company, recently announced that it would increase the price of all traditional lighting products and LED products by 6% in the United States from June 11.

For Acuity, a British manufacturer said the move could be seen as a "turning point" in the decline in prices over the years.

Lux, a media company, believes that Acuity's price increases will be copied by other brands.

Sure enough, another enterprise Eaton company in the us local time on May 15, open letter to sales agents, said: "because of the metal materials, raw materials, freight and parts costs continue to rise, Eaton lighting division will rise by traditional lighting products (legacy technology products) and high-end LED and control products (LED and select controls products) price."

Specifically, the average increase was 6 percent, depending on the range of product types.

Products with higher metal materials may rise more than 6 percent.

Eaton lighting said the adjustment would begin on July 16.

It also said that due to continued changes in the material market and government regulations, Eaton lighting retained the right to change the time of implementation and increase the price.

(compiled: LEDinside James)