After The United States And Britain, Reiss Lighting Entered The Japanese Market In A Big Way, And Reached In-depth Cooperation With Toshiba Lighting.

- Feb 28, 2019-

Reiss Group announced that Reiss Group has been authorized by Toshiba Lighting in the Japanese market, which marks the Reiss Group's overseas strategy has been upgraded again to achieve a major breakthrough in the process of high-end market globalization.

Mr. Hiraoka (Left Sixth), President of Toshiba Lighting Co., Ltd. visited Berkeley Style Store, a subsidiary of Rex Group.

Ms. Chen Jianxue (Left Fourth), Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rex Group, and Mr. Wang Dun (Left Seven), Executive Director, were escorted to the visit.

On February 21, 2019, Mr. Hiraoka, President of Toshiba Lighting Company (hereinafter referred to as Toshiba Lighting), visited Rex Group in Zhuhai and Zhongshan, China. Reiss Group announced that "Reiss Lighting Japan Company" was established in Tokyo. Toshiba Lighting formally authorized Reiss Group's brand in the Japanese market. Reiss Group will assist Toshiba Lighting to operate its B2C product market in Japan.

This brand authorization scope is Toshiba Lighting's B2C business in the Japanese market, that is, household lighting products, including ceiling lamps, bulbs, brackets, desk lamps and so on.

Ritz Lighting and Toshiba Lighting Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Mr. Hiraoka, President of Toshiba Lighting Co., Ltd. (right), Ms. Chen Jianxu, Vice Chairman and CEO of Rex Group (middle), Mr. Zhang Peng, President of Rex Group (left)

Toshiba Lighting Strategic Transition, Laying an Opportunity for Cooperation between the Two Parties

Toshiba Lighting is one of the leading brands of Japanese Lighting. Its predecessor is Japan's "White Hot Shell" Company. It pioneered incandescent lamps in Japan in 1890, and first manufactured fluorescent lamps in Japan in 1940, and constantly explored the most sophisticated technology. In 2011, Toshiba Lighting's LED Solution illuminated the Louvre in Paris.

Toshiba Lighting has accelerated its strategic transformation in recent years, and will focus on building solutions business with long-term development prospects in the future. To ensure that the core value of Toshiba brand remains unchanged, after careful investigation, Toshiba Lighting decided to choose China's leading lighting company Reiss Group in the strategic cooperation of business operation.

Rex has a strong marketing background and is authorized by Toshiba Brand.

In 2018, the self-owned brand of Rex Lighting was worth 25.766 billion yuan, the first in China's lighting industry for seven consecutive years. Rex cherishes the brand, so that Toshiba Lighting can finally trust Rex to authorize the brand.

In 2018, Rex Lighting successfully closed with 346 million yuan sales of the whole network, and won the first place in lighting industry of three major e-commerce platforms, Tianmao, Jingdong and Suning Easy-to-buy. Reiss Tianmao IoT has successfully won the first place in the smart home lighting industry in terms of sales amount, and the conversion rate has reached a new high.

Toshiba Lighting Company of Japan visits Reiss E-Commerce Company

Mr. Hiraoka, President of Toshiba Lighting Co., Ltd. (third from left) and Mr. Han Chun, General Manager of Electronic Commerce Department of Rex Group (third from right)

Over the past 20 years, Rex has insisted on user-centered, innovative technology and art design to bring people infinite beautiful living experience space. Rex makes in-depth research on users in different vertical and horizontal market segments. With innovative product solutions as the starting point, Rex enjoys great popularity among young people and embodies strong brand marketing capabilities.

Strong channel marketing ability, add wings to the overseas market expansion of Rex

With total revenue of 10.373 billion yuan, Reiss Group has won the top of the 2017 Top 100 List of China's lighting industry and become the first 10 billion-level enterprise in China's LED lighting industry. Raytheon Lighting currently has 38 operation centers and more than 4200 stores in China, covering 50,000 + global sales terminals. Reiss Group, relying on channel deep cultivation, market segmentation and multi-category sales experience, makes use of Toshiba Lighting's strong brand and channel influence in Japan to make a thorough study of the Japanese lighting market.

Two major lighting giants united, strong scientific research force docking

Raytheon Lighting has four manufacturing bases, two international standardization research and development centers and national accredited laboratories in China. From upstream LED chips, packaging and other intelligent hardware and software technology, light source products to downstream lighting applications, Rex Group has the leading R&D force in China.

In China, Rex actively participates in the formulation of national standards for electrical accessories and evaluation standards for green building materials. In 2017, Rex Group also participated in the key project of "Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials" "Key Technologies Research of High Efficiency and Reliability LED Lamps", which means that Rex has entered the national research and development echelon.

Regarding the distribution of talent introduction, Reiss Group employs top lighting experts and lighting experts from Silicon Valley, South Korea and China to bring together global talent. In the future, Rex will connect with Toshiba's cutting-edge technology in scientific research and innovation, and may even spark a change in the direction of the industry.

Toshiba Lighting Company of Japan Visits Race Group Zhuhai Factory

Rex Group has rich experience in overseas market operation and is favored by Toshiba.

Rex Group's successful cases and rich practical experience in overseas markets have won the favor of Toshiba Lighting. Rex has offices in North America, Singapore and the Middle East (Dubai). Overseas, more than 40 countries and regions have established business organizations to provide professional lighting products and systems solutions for local governments and important commercial facilities. Its market share has been rising steadily, and it has occupied the forefront of the local market. Rex Brazil provides the highest waterproof IP68 lighting solution for the 2016 Rio Olympics matching project, Madurella Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, NVC UK, a British subsidiary of the Rex group, has achieved good results. In 2016, Rex became the only selected lighting company in the Sino British Trade Association's "Sino British co construction zone 2016 case report". Due to its excellent localization strategy, high sense of responsibility and strong prospects for development, Raytheon Lighting has been awarded the Best Foreign Enterprise Award by the British Ministry of Commerce. Raytheon Lighting has become one of the top ten industrial and commercial lighting suppliers in the UK.

Rex Group Lending Ships to Sea and Accelerating the Globalization of Middle and High-end Markets

"Toshiba Lighting has a deep technical accumulation in LED lighting and other aspects. Reiss Group has strong brand management and market operation experience. After brand authorization, it will achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation for both sides." Toshiba Lighting and Reiss Group have expressed high recognition of this deep strategic cooperation.

The combination of independent brand "Reiss Lighting" and international brand "Toshiba Lighting" indicates that Reiss Group will leave its competitors far behind in the process of high-end market globalization.