After WiFi, There Is WiFO, Which USES LED Lighting To Speed Up 10 Times

- Sep 22, 2018-

Wi-fi is ubiquitous today, but the speed of wi-fi in many public places is hard to satisfy. (LED Christmas Light)

That may soon change, though -- some researchers recently claimed to have used LED lighting to increase wi-fi bandwidth tenfold. (LED Christmas Light)


The new technology, called WiFO, was developed by researchers at Oregon state university. (LED Christmas Light)

WiFO makes use of the ability of leds to generate light that is invisible to the naked eye and USES it for data transmission.

The current prototype of the WiFO system looks like a regular LED dome light, but the researchers say each device connected to the WiFO has a data transmission rate of 50-100gb. (LED Christmas Light)


The data transmission speed of existing wi-fi systems is divided according to the number of connected devices. (LED Christmas Light)

For example, 100Mbps wi-fi, with 10 devices connected, would have a maximum speed of 10Mbps per device. (LED Christmas Light)

WiFO could solve this problem by increasing the bandwidth available to each user by 10 times, the researchers say. (LED Christmas Light)


In addition to faster transmission speeds, the WiFO system can be integrated with existing wi-fi systems at a very low cost. (LED Christmas Light)

Currently, the research team has obtained relevant patents and is looking for commercial application partners and sponsors. (LED Christmas Light)