Air Purifier Market Self-purification Brand Has Withdrawn

- Dec 10, 2018-

With the improvement of air quality in many parts of the country and the shuffling of the market, the once-booming air purifier (hereinafter referred to as empty) market is experiencing a "cold winter".——LED Christmas light

Data show that the number of online and offline empty brands totaled 816 two years ago, but by October 2018, the number of empty brands had decreased to 530, and more than 35% of the enterprises had withdrawn from the market. In the current market, Philips, millet, 352, the United States and other empty brands are more active.——LED Christmas light

Industry insiders believe that in the next few years, with the shuffling of the empty market, the market structure will gradually stabilize, the advantages of more professional brands will be highlighted, the market and technology will be more subdivided, out of the speculation of the concept, practical products will be more easily sought after by the market, poor quality, backward production technology products will be cleaned out.——LED Christmas light

The problem of market encountering "cold winter" is still prominent.

In recent years, the scale of the empty market has increased dramatically, but chaotic phenomena such as product quality problems and false propaganda have also followed. With the development of the market, it has almost said goodbye to the state of barbaric growth, and the market as a whole has entered the "winter".——LED Christmas light

According to the data released by Ovi Cloud, retail sales in the empty market in the first half of 2018 were 5.8 billion yuan, down 29.5% from the same period last year. The empty market created the biggest decline in all household appliances in the first half of 2018.——LED Christmas light

With the change of air quality and environment, the empty market is in an awkward position of "feeding on the sky". In the interview, most consumers said that the better weather and air quality made them have no desire to buy empty. And the original influx of large and small brands, now also gradually withdraw, many large-scale OEM way to enter the comprehensive brand also choose to shrink the front.——LED Christmas light

Data show that during the "Double Eleventh" period, sales of 456,000 units on the empty line fell 33.8% compared with the same period last year, while sales of 790 million yuan fell 39% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, many empty manufacturers are gradually withdrawing from the market.——LED Christmas light

Battle Banner, general manager of Ovi Cloud Environment and Electrical Appliances Business, believes that the decline in the clean market is closely related to the disappearance of haze dividends. With the continuous promotion of consumer upgrading and the in-depth implementation of the transformation strategy of the clean enterprise, the future of the clean market is still worth looking forward to. However, it expects that the net market decline will continue to narrow in the second half of this year, with market sales expected to reach 13.25 billion yuan this year, and the overall decline will narrow to - 18.2%.——LED Christmas light

Liang Zhenpeng, an observer of industrial economy, said: "At present, the clean market has bid farewell to the barbaric growth period. Affected by the weather, although the overall market sales have declined to some extent, haze weather is a long-term and severe problem. There is still much room for the future market, or new brands will continue to enter. If there are only 120 brands left in the market, it will form a stable competition pattern. However, there are still hundreds of brands in the market, which are still in disorder. At the same time, there are many product problems and the overall quality level is low.——LED Christmas light

Industry insiders believe that the future clean market "money scene" is still in sight, but strict government supervision, the introduction of new national standards, consumers gradually return to rationality and so on will prompt the industry to reshuffle.——LED Christmas light

Three-to-five-year pattern or stabilizing firms into a new round of readjustment

At present, purifier manufacturers are also divided into many types, and the situation they are facing is not the same. Millet, leopard rice and other manufacturers are entering the market in the pioneering period, ink, Jumei, hammer and other later difficulties to be more obvious, the United States, Philips, Sharp and other comprehensive brand products continue to adjust, 352 and other professional purifier brand stability occupies a certain market share.——LED Christmas light

Liang Zhenpeng believes that: "With the implementation of the new standard of cleanliness, the technical threshold of the whole market has been raised. However, in this case, small enterprises will be eliminated if they can not keep up with the pace of market and technology iteration. At the same time, the function and technology of enterprises are more and more subdivided, which is different from the concept hype in the past few years. Now the products emphasize professional functions more.——LED Christmas light

At present, all kinds of powerful purifier brands are undergoing a round of restructuring and intensifying research and development efforts.

Industry insiders said that in the past two years, the market is undergoing shuffling, manufacturers must also maintain a moderate adjustment. The integrated manufacturer Meimei's Clean Platform Environment and Electrical Appliances Division is currently restructuring to speed up product scale and research and development. For professional purifier manufacturers, depending on product optimization and word-of-mouth transmission, 352 and other manufacturers have opened the purifier market, and established their own professional brand image. Products have been more professional and pragmatic, sales in the downturn market has been relatively stable, the practicability of products has also increased the brand premium, but it also More market segments need to be established.——LED Christmas light

"With the development of the market and the enhancement of technology, in the next period of time, the market pattern will also present the phenomenon of big fish eating small fish, fast fish eating slow fish, and the brand concentration will continue to increase. In the next three to five years, the number of brands will be controlled, the market structure will gradually stabilize, and the advantages of large professional brands will become more prominent. Liang Zhenpeng said so.——LED Christmas light

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