Albison Then Set Up Sun Company To Expand The Market Share Of The Screen

- Oct 04, 2018-

Yesterday (28) evening, the company issued a notice that through the wholly-owned subsidiary, the company has completed the investment and establishment of the wholly-owned sun company, the company has been registered in Macao.

According to the notice, the registered capital of Macao company is 25,000 patacas, and the wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, Abbey holdings Hong Kong LTD., contributes 25,000 patacas in currency, accounting for 100% of the total registered capital.

The business scope of Macao company includes electronic product sales, import and export trade, electronic equipment leasing.

The main purpose of setting up a Macao company is to use it as a window for the company to explore the Macao market, expand the company's share of LED display screen in the Macao market, obtain the latest information of the Macao market in a timely manner and improve the company's competitiveness in the Macao market, Abby said.

In addition, the investment and establishment of Macao company is based on the business development needs of the company, which is conducive to the company's development of Macao market, enhancement of market competitiveness and profitability, and in line with the company's long-term development strategic planning.