Amazing Street Lighting Digital Art

- Nov 07, 2018-

Yann Nguema, a digital artist from Tour, France, participated in the 2018 Light Move Festival in Rhodes, Poland, and designed a 700-metre-long giant light action set consisting of laser and neon lights on a road called Piotrkowska.——LED intelligent lighting

This digital artwork is composed of 32 light gates made up of 64 Robin Point (Robin lasers) and 2 light beams formed by a large 25W laser, and is controlled by the Hog4 flying pig console. The result is * not too shocking.——LED intelligent lighting

High End Sytems Hog 4 is a console specially designed for controlling the most complex high-end digital light and shadow performances. Many visual shocks in the field of digital art are basically realized by this console. Hog 4 can be seen in many large-scale art performances with complex lighting and performances at world-renowned electronic music festivals.——LED intelligent lighting

Digital art is known as one of the art trends of the future world shape. It not only requires artists to have imagination beyond vision, but also needs to understand electrical knowledge and master certain digital programming technology. The use of different light and shadow imaging equipment through programming to convey the praise of visual effects.——LED intelligent lighting

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