American DLC Announces The First Batch Of LED Lamps That Meet Its New Horticultural Performance Standards

- Apr 09, 2019-

DLC announced recently that the first batch of LED lamps listed in the DLC Horticultural Qualified Products List (QPL) have been released to meet the performance and reliability requirements formulated by the market transformation organization. MaxLite's Solid State Lighting (SSL) products are the first to be listed in the QPL list. There are eight different types of products that meet DLC requirements. These eight products belong to the new PhotonMax LED spotlight series.

DLC announced the first QPL list of qualified products at the New England Cannabis Convention recently held in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, at this meeting, DLC also presented the final version of its first gardening QPL requirements and new DLC horticultural logos that enterprises can use on the list of qualified products.

Christina Halfpenny, executive director of DLC, said: "Agricultural lighting is one of the fastest growing power load applications among DLC utility members. We believe that this new standard will meet the needs of the lighting industry, and will greatly accelerate the adoption of new high-efficiency horticultural lighting technology.

It simplifies some short-term reporting requirements and establishes benchmarks for high-performance and reliable LED lighting products for use in harsh environments.

At the same time, MaxLite also announced that the launch rate belongs to the PH-GH360 and PH-GH600 series of PhotonMax LED spotlights, which were just launched in early March. MaxLite currently offers four types of lamps with different power levels. These lamps have different spectral power distributions (SPDs) to meet the growth needs of different plants.

Paul Gray, Senior Director of Horticultural Products Sales of MaxLite, said: "MaxLite focuses on developing products with the highest performance and quality standards. Our LED spotlights are the first products approved by DLC Horticultural Qualified Product List. DLC is still the Resource Center for lighting industry and utility companies to design energy-saving lighting incentive plans, and a key indicator for buyers of lighting products who want to buy high-performance products.