An Example Of Apartment Lighting

- Jun 15, 2018-

Recently, I saw the design case of an apartment in Rome designed by CMT architetti.




Figure 1 living room




Figure 2 another view of the living room


As can be seen from figure 1 and figure 2, the living room is not designed with the main light, which is the center of vision and space.

This case USES another kind of style design, advocate the lamp, weakening the central position of the lamp and use embedded tube light, combined with the lamp chamfer, indirect lighting lamp chamfer makes the living room the light is soft, comfortable, compared with the style of interior decoration.




Picture 3 the dining room and living room




FIG. 4 dining room and kitchen


Living room space time delay to the restaurant, interior design style is unified, consistent, lighting design, using the same living room lighting means is mensal upper part of the canister light have the effect of local lighting, table to enhance the level of illumination, meet the functional requirements.


The indirect illume of the kitchen is impeccable, with individual viewpoint, increase the overhead lamp of the kitchen more advantageous to the demand of function moderately.




Figure 5 toilet


The illume of toilet and other place illume style is unified, with decorate more harmonious.

It seems that designers pursue quiet, comfortable light environment.

However, as far as function is concerned, pre-mirror lighting is indispensable, but the lighting here has not been found in the picture.




Figure 6 bedroom




Figure 7 bedroom


Bedroom illume and sitting room illume style, gimmick is consistent, can understand completely.


Anyhow, this case abandoned traditional advocate the lamp design, more bold, break through tradition.

Its effect benevolence see benevolence see benevolence see wisdom, the author can accept, here affirmation stylist and owner have communication, otherwise how many can have some discomfort when using actually.