Analysis Of Semiconductor Application Market In 2018: LED Lighting Penetration And Vehicle Electronics Market Explosion.

- Apr 18, 2018-

From the market structure of domestic discrete device products, it covers consumer electronics, computer and peripherals, network communications, electronic equipment and instruments, automotive electronics, LED displays and electronic lighting. Among them, consumer electronics, computer and peripherals and network communication are the traditional application market of semiconductor discrete devices. Automotive electronics and electronic lighting are the fast growing application market in recent years.——LED vehicle lighting 


Permeability improvement of LED lighting

In the field of lighting, semiconductor lighting (LED), as a new type of green light source, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size, and is widely used in various directions, display, decoration, backlight, ordinary lighting and city night scene. At present, LED has become an ecological light source with a high performance price ratio. It has entered the alternative market for lighting, and the global market for semiconductor lighting has increased with the trend of the global elimination of incandescent lamps and limiting the use of fluorescent lamps (containing mercury).——LED vehicle lighting 

China is a large country of lighting industry. In recent years, LED lighting has been growing rapidly. The size of China's lighting industry in 2015 is about 560 billion yuan, of which the LED lighting industry is about 155 billion yuan, the annual growth rate is 32.5%, the proportion of LED lighting in the lighting industry is about 28%, the domestic production of LED lighting products is about 6 billion, the domestic sales volume is about 2 billion 800 million, the domestic market penetration rate of the LED lighting products (the domestic sales quantity / lighting of LED lighting products) The total domestic sales volume of the product is about 32%.

In 2016, the world accelerated the elimination of incandescent lamps. LED has become the mainstream lighting source. China's domestic LED lighting products output is about 8 billion, an increase of 33% over the same period, and domestic sales of about 3 billion 800 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. The penetration rate of LED lighting products in the domestic market reached 42%, up 10 percentage points from 2015.——LED vehicle lighting 

It is estimated that in 2017, the number of LED lighting products in China reached 9 billion 600 million, and the penetration rate of LED lighting products in the domestic market reached 50%.


The car electronics market is on the verge of breaking out

The analysis report on the market prospect and investment strategic planning of China automotive electronics industry in 2018-2023 years shows that the proportion of automotive electronics in the vehicle cost is increasing, 15% of the compact cars, about 28% in the middle and high grade cars, 47% in the hybrid electric vehicles, and 65% in the pure electric cars. Under the trend of intellectualization and electronization, automotive electronics brings new vitality and new growth point to the whole semiconductor market.——LED vehicle lighting 


Semiconductor discrete devices, as the basic components embedded in automotive electronic products, have huge rigid demand space. With the development of automotive electronics in the direction of intelligence, information and network, and the popularity of various LED energy saving lamps in the main lights, indicator lights, illuminations and decorative lights, the application range of semiconductor discrete devices in automotive electronic products is becoming more and more important.

In the traditional internal combustion engine manufacturing industry, the amount of discrete devices in a single car is only 71 dollars. The energy consumption of new energy vehicles is 387 yuan, which is more than 5 times the amount of traditional vehicle. The application market is very broad. Take the current popular power semiconductor IGBT as an example. IGBT is the core component of the inverter in the new energy vehicle, which accounts for half of the cost of the motor drive system, and the motor drive system accounts for the 15-20% of the cost of the whole vehicle, that is to say, IGBT is the 7-10% of the cost of the whole vehicle, which is the second high element except the battery, and it also determines the energy efficiency of the whole vehicle. IGBT is not only used for motor drive, but also for generators and air conditioning parts of new energy. IGBT is also needed.——LED vehicle lighting 

The demand for the application of semiconductor discrete devices in the traditional automobile field is not to talk about the demand for the semiconductor discrete devices in the new energy automobile industry, not to mention the development of new energy vehicles in various countries.

In 2017, the production of new energy vehicles in China was nearly 800 thousand, up 54% from 2016. With the rapid development of the new energy auto industry in China, the demand of automotive electronics to semiconductor discrete devices will also meet the outbreak period.——LED vehicle lighting 


Internet of things and increased demand for VR/AR applications

The semiconductor discrete device is the basic component of the electronic circuit. The Internet of things is used as a medium to connect all items with the Internet using various information sensing devices. The development of the device can not be separated from the components of a semiconductor discrete device. By 2020, the number of global Internet devices will reach 27 billion, of which 10 billion will be mobile connectivity devices. The wide market prospect of IOT will drive the market demand for discrete device products.——LED vehicle lighting 

In the VR/AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) world, computer operations become very familiar gestures and pictures, and can also provide people with a larger vision, like the previous PC and smartphones, and VR/AR has the potential to be the next important computing platform. At present, the market stock of VR/AR is small, the development space is big. With the technology improvement, the price decline, and the production and promotion of the related applications, the future VR/AR market will appear high growth and high elasticity. The rapid development of VR/AR market is bound to drive the growth of demand for discrete devices as its basic components.——LED vehicle lighting