Analysis On The Reasons Why The LED Bulb Of The Tube Lamp Is Easy To Break, Fail To Turn On, Flash And Slightly Light, How To Repair It?

- Jul 19, 2018-

At present, the quality of LED bulbs on the market is different. Some of them may break down in a short time.

Here are some tips for your reference.


First, take a look at the three types of bulbs that are common in the market for shell materials:


All-plastic LED bulbs




The LED bulbs are the cheapest on the market, the worst quality and the lowest quality on the market.

There is no doubt that there are more problems.

From the use of materials fundamentally determines the because it is over, all plastic LED bulbs are generally resistance capacity step-down (large wattage is also useful) of linear constant current driver, some even use the lamp plate glass fiber board, cardboard, even all plastic shell couldn't heat dissipation, born of life.

There may be large watts of aluminum radiator.


If it breaks, just throw it away. There's nothing to repair.



Aluminum LED bulb




This kind of bulb is more stable on the market now, it is also the most used.

The shell structure is the outside is plastic, aluminum radiator inside body, if the conscience manufacturers use cross flow of constant voltage driver, service life is long, if material without cutting corners, generally do not what's the problem.


If it doesn't work, the light doesn't work, change it.

Change the drive when the drive is broken.



All-aluminum LED bulb




Such bulbs were a popular option in the market a few years ago, as the cost of materials was gradually replaced by the aluminum mold.

Of course, this one is made of all-aluminum. It has good heat dissipation and good life.

The only drawback is the high cost of materials and the high price.

When sufficient materials are used, there are few problems.


If it doesn't work, the light doesn't work, change it.

Change the drive when the drive is broken.



LED bulbs are the three types mentioned above from the shell materials: full plastic, aluminum plastic and aluminum.


LED bulbs are classified from the driving power supply: resistance capacitance and pressure reduction, linear constant current, constant current and pressure.


The driving power is the core of the light bulb. If it fails, the following situations may occur:


The whole light is off.


2. The light is slightly on.


3. When the light flashes,


The light will not come on after a while.


LED bulbs from the light source: most of the current market is 5730 light sources, of course there are enough and insufficient watts.


When the light source is broken, the following situations may occur:


1. Some lights are on;

Some of the lights are off.


The whole light is off.


There is a black spot in one of the lights.


4. The entire lamp is emitting light that deviates from the normal color temperature.



What happened to the bulb in the bulb?




It is a good choice to install LED bulbs in tube lamps. Besides the lighting of tube lamps in specific places, you can buy bulbs in tube lamps, which are affordable and easy to maintain.

Generally, as long as the quality of the bulb itself is too hard installed in the tube lamp light source is no problem, but recently found that many people said that the bulb in the tube lamp is broken.


So, why?


A rough idea of the situation, it is installation problems, a lot of in cylinder install LED bulbs light bulb around without aperture, light bulb can't heat dissipation, light bulb inside hot dead, why so simple, installed in the tube light LED light bulb, the bulb around must have a certain gap for the LED bulb heat dissipation.

The diagram below:




In the figure below, the bulb fits well with the tube lamp. The LED bulb has no room for heat dissipation, and it is easy to break down.




Generally, the bulbs with good quality are at least 3 years old, so it is easy to get problems when buying low price products. It is recommended to choose the LED bulbs with good heat dissipation or all-aluminum shell, constant current and constant pressure drive and full tiles.