Application Of LED Lighting In News Program Production

- Oct 25, 2018-

The further maturity of LED technology, the rapid improvement of LED light source luminous efficiency, and the improvement of the production technology of lamps, has already appeared the lamps specially used for TV lighting, which can replace the traditional three-color cold light lamps specially used for news programs.


LED video lighting has gone from simple effect lighting to character lighting.

Studio lighting

In the production of TV news programs, LED lamps are indispensable. The lamps at the news site have high requirements on safety and stability, especially at the important news site. Safety has always been the biggest concern of lighting engineers.

For an example of our work: now the current politics news portable hand lamp, nickel-metal hydride batteries, is double filament bulbs, this hand will appear before some important occasions, sometimes close to the head light up, and some of the lens is very precious historical moments, impossible to like recording program again, so the lamps and lanterns is sedate security requirement is very high, using the traditional tungsten filament lamp can only open a lamp holder, another standby, will only be used in an emergency, this kind of lamps and lanterns is generally only for 40 minutes time, the most worried about or temperature of lamps and lanterns is very high, the light bulb to blow bubble will be put out at any time and even dangerous.

The appearance of LED hand lamp basically solves all problems, and it is also the design of double lamp. Each lamp can adjust light by itself, with low heat. It is powered by lithium battery and its weight is reduced by half.

LED flat soft light


CCTV news purple neven studio carries news channel in broadcast news program production tasks, 24 hours a day on a rolling news information, main columns are "news broadcast", "topics in focus", "excerpt", "Oriental horizon", "news 1 + 1", "news 30 minutes", "mutual concern", "evening news", "the news studio" and so on.

These columns are in three broadcast news studio live or recorded, the three studio all use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns design at present, extensive use of LED flat soft light, the lamps and lanterns USES thousands of tiny power LED to form large shiny surface, is more even, soft and light distribution, with high light transmittance light plate, light grille, do not produce glare, as far as possible avoid dazzling glare and uncomfortable feeling, very suitable for surface lighting, professional lighting engineers lighting with ease;

Lives up to tens of thousands of hours;

The power consumption is only 50% of that of the three-color fluorescent lamps with the same light output.

Can be used as an alternative to the traditional television studio three base color soft light lamps.

The luminaire color index is greater than 85, which meets the professional lighting requirements of TV studio.