Australia Shun Chang, Poly Can Photoelectric Quarterly Report, Who Surplus Who Deficit?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Yesterday (23) night, aoyang shun chang and poly can photoelectric have issued the first quarter of 2019 report.Aoyang shunchang profitable, poly can photoelectric loss, but the company is expected to first half of the cumulative net profit will be profitable.Aoyang shunchang 1Q19 realized revenue of 82,6218,000 yuan, down 9.16% year on year, and realized net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 39.384 million yuan, down 56.13% year on year.Australian foreign shun cheong said, Q1 company operating profit, total profit, net profit, net profit attributable to parent company owners were dropped 41.02% from a year earlier, 40.23%, 37.39% and 56.13%, mainly for the LED chip prices fell substantially since the beginning of 2018, LED business contribution in the first quarter of the listed company net profit of about 12 million yuan, and in the same period of last year LED business contribution of the listed company net profit of about 48 million yuan, the LED changes impact on the company performance compared to the large business profits.Jucan photoelectric realized the revenue of 19,2852,200 yuan in 1Q19, up 67.45% year on year. The net profit loss attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 8.4051 million yuan, down 442.93% year on year.The report shows that there are two main factors contributing to the change of jucan photoelectric's business income in the first quarter. On the one hand, thanks to suqian subsidiary's construction speed exceeding expectations, the release of production capacity in advance of the plan, the company's timely increase of product market development, and the substantial increase of production and sales volume compared with the same period last year.Due to the influence of seasonal slack season and intensified market competition, the price of products declined, and the operating revenue increased significantly from the same period of last year, but it was lower than the sales growth.On the other hand, the company adhere to the established focusing on resources, do strong business development strategy, structure, performance, cost reduction, each work orderly, especially to strengthen the cost control, technical innovation, quality continues to improve, product unit manufacturing costs down sharply from a year earlier, but restricted by fixed cost, etc, drop less than the selling price drop, the quarterly losses.In addition, jucan photoelectric expects the cumulative net profit from the beginning of the year to the end of the next reporting period will be profitable.