Automotive Lighting And Other Help, Longda, And Q2 Operation Increased.

- May 02, 2018-

Recently, Taiwan LED factory Guang Bao and Longda announced the first quarter earnings in 2018 and held a positive attitude towards Q2 operation.

The first quarter of this year was held in April 27th and published financial reports. The first quarter sales rate and net operating interest rate were 11.1% and 1.6% respectively, which were lower than 13.28% and 4.2% in the last quarter, 13.03% and 4% in the same period last year; net profit after tax was 1 billion 40 million yuan (NTD, the same below), season 54.7%, annual decrease 47.5%, and net profit 0.45 yuan per share.

Light treasure said, benefited from the cloud computing, LED components and automotive lighting, AI smart home and game machines and other related products and market growth, the first quarter turnover was 48 billion 530 million yuan, the quarterly decrease of 10.4%, the annual decrease of 5.5%, due to the decrease in the number of days in the first quarter, a slight decrease in revenue and the increase of sales cost, and the gross profit margin of sales and sales. Net operating interest rates were 11.1% and 1.6% respectively; net profit after tax was 1 billion 40 million yuan and net profit of 0.45 yuan per share. At the same time, the net cash position of the season reached 27 billion 100 million yuan through the active working capital management.

Light treasure and pointed out that the first quarter revenue of the photoelectric sector accounted for 25%; growth mainly comes from the continuous growth of the LED market demand and the expansion of the LED component market, with the smooth shipment of LED cars and the expansion of the Middle East market LED street lamp, the first quarter revenue of LED components and automobile lighting products is bright, and the annual increase is increasing. 20%.

Guang Bao also pointed out that in the first quarter, the information products sector accounted for 52% of the total revenue. Benefit from the cloud computing high order server, network equipment power management system, game machine and AI smart home equipment power product delivery growth led, the overall revenue of power industry growth of more than 10%, while the first quarter of the storage device accounted for 16% of the total revenue.

Looking forward to the second quarter, the overall operation performance is expected to continue to increase in the previous quarter, under the cloud computing, LED components and automotive lighting, AI smart home and game machines and other related products and market demand.

Longda's performance in the second quarter is increasing, and the new plant capacity is expected to be trial production this quarter.

Although the revenue of Longda declined last year, its gross profit margin increased significantly, and its operating interest rate also shifted to 129 million yuan after tax and EPS was 0.25 yuan. The company's board of directors has recently decided to issue a cash dividend of 0.2 yuan per share. Its combined revenue in the first quarter of this year was 2 billion 648 million yuan, an annual decrease of 15.6%.

In the revenue structure of Longda, the proportion of backlight is about 65%, lighting accounts for 30%, and the other 5% is vehicle and other new businesses. The company is gradually reducing the proportion of poor Maori lighting products, while car use, 3D sensing and other results are expected to continue to grow, with the target of 10% revenue this year. The legal person believes that although the foregoing adjustment direction may affect Longda's revenue, gross margin will be further improved to make the product portfolio healthier.

In terms of new technology, Longda's Mini LED products are expected to be sent in the second half of the year, and the fastest next year will be revenue.