Beijing Eastern Enters Apple's Supply Chain And Expects To Supply OLED Panels By 2020

- Feb 22, 2019-

According to Etnews, the South Korean media, information from the supply chain points out that BOE, the Chinese panel manufacturer, will become Apple's third largest supplier of soft OLED panels to Samsung and LGD, and the news is said to have been confirmed by Beijing Oriental.——OLED

Beijing Eastern is expected to provide a soft OLED panel for the iPhone, which will be released in 2020, according to the report. Supply chain news points out that Apple hopes to officially mass-produce folding-screen iPhones by 2020. However, at present, the soft OLED panel of Beijing Oriental has not passed the Apple Quality Certification. The samples of the soft OLED panel will be delivered to Apple one after another, and then after the strict quality certification process, the final preparatory action for the supply can be achieved.——OLED

At present, Samsung and LGD have become the main suppliers of Apple's soft OLED panels. Media reports also point out that Beijing Oriental will pose a threat to Samsung's leadership in soft OLED panels by the end of 2019, because the improvement of the former's productivity, coupled with the continued increase in government subsidies, has become an indispensable competitive force for Samsung.——OLED