Beijing Oriental Has Signed 100 Million OLED Equipment Orders To Break The Korean Ban On OLED Equipment Fantasy

- Feb 18, 2019-

Liser announced that it had signed a contract with Beijing Oriental to supply 17.125 billion won (about 100 million yuan) of OLED equipment to Beijing Oriental.——OLED

Liser provides polyimide (PI) laser cutting equipment for flexible OLED processes. As China's major panel manufacturers further invest in flexible OLED, the company expects growth this year.

A representative of Liser said, "The agreement with Beijing Oriental is of great significance, because Chinese panel manufacturers have entered the investment recovery cycle."——OLED

Earlier, according to Korean media reports, after Samsung suppliers sold OLED screen technology to Beijing Oriental, the Korean government planned to restrict the export of OLED screen production equipment to China. According to reports, the Korean government will restrict the export of OLED production equipment. It is planned to designate OLED equipment as the "core technology of the country" and require government approval for export.——OLED

However, Korean panel factories and equipment industry have different opinions on whether OLED equipment should be regarded as the core technology of Korea, and they are not mutually concessional. Even some panel factories have proposed that the majority of OLED equipment used in the front and rear sequence engineering should be regarded as the core technology of the Korean state. Equipment factories strongly refute the opinions of Korean panel factories on the grounds of anti-differential treatment and export rejection when they compete with equipment factories in other countries.——OLED

OLED technology has entered a mature stage this year. Although the overall growth of smartphones is weak, the penetration rate of OLED mobile phones is only about 30%, which is still low, and there is still a huge space for stock replacement. The successful launch of foldable mobile phones has realized the greatest advantage of OLED, which makes it really different from LCD mobile phones. With the maturity of technology and the decline of cost, it is expected to rebuild the new ecosystem of mobile phones and accelerate the improvement of OLED permeability.——OLED