Beyond What We Can See, Opel's Strength Witnesses The Grand Opening Of The Beijing World Horticultural Exposition In 2019

- May 05, 2019-

On April 29, 2019, the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition opened in Beijing. 110 countries and international organizations participated in the exhibition. The number of visitors is expected to reach 16 million. As a strategic partner of the Botanical Museum of Beijing Expo 2019, OP Lighting uses light to talk about nature and experience the splendor of Beijing Expo.

(Image: A bird's-eye view of the Expo Park, Beijing, 2019)

Following Kunming World Garden Expo and Shanghai World Expo, China hosted the world horticultural exposition with the highest specifications and largest scale. Opel Lighting focused on the theme of "Green Life, Beautiful Home" and added color to the Expo with customized ecological lighting solutions.

Dialogue Nature, Create Customized Lighting System

(Picture: The Opp Root Fiber Lamp of Botanical Museum of Beijing World Garden Expo, 2019, presents a vivid night view in an orderly and interlaced way.)

Chinese plants have connected the world and influenced the process of world history. The Botanical Museum, which gathers more than 600 precious plants, takes the idea of "Rising Horizon" to create a grand meeting of plants, showing the ecological picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

As an enterprise with self-innovation vitality, OP Lighting returns to the essence of light and adopts ETO customized lighting system to create a unique intelligent and professional lighting scene for the "kaleidoscope" of the botanical hall in the main venue of the Expo.

OP uses DMX512 intelligent control protocol to achieve 16 million color change through RGB three-color LED beads, creating a brilliant collision between color and shape, showing vivid lighting and shadow effect; while OP's beam courtyard lamp,Laser LED beads are used to achieve ultra-small angle of 1 degree beam angle. The collimating beam can illuminate clouds above 2000 meters, connect the sky and the earth, and illuminate the four directions. It fully demonstrates the powerful customization ability of OP commercial lighting in large-scale lamps and lanterns.

(Figure: Op Column Lamp Effect)

Strength Presentation, Providing Intelligent Lighting Solutions

OP not only customizes lighting solutions for commercial space, but also provides customized and intelligent living scenes for consumers. From the intelligent control of single-lamp lighting function to the scenario-based intelligent lighting scheme launched jointly across borders to the whole house smart home solution, OPL Lighting is steadily advancing towards becoming a global leader brand with endless innovative power. OP not only vigorously develops products, but also actively coordinates with third-party platforms for strategic cooperation, realizes the ecosystem of lighting intelligent products interconnected with people and home decoration, and continues to consolidate and promote the landing of smart cities.

Based on OP's technological background in spectrum and its ingenuity in product manufacturing, in the face of intelligent future, OP's continuous innovation ability and self-driving ability will realize cross-border, cooperation and integration of multi-platforms along with AIOT artificial intelligence Internet of Things, 5G network, AR and other intellectualized waves, and provide consumers with more advanced, more comfortable, more intelligent and more futuristic users. Proven.

The World Horticultural Exposition continues to deduce the brilliance of innovative green development, while OP composes the chapter of light and shadow for the Expo, it also upholds the idea of transcending what it sees and focusing on the future. Opel Lighting will continue to create value for society, leading industry and consumers to a better and more comfortable tomorrow.

About Op:

OPL Lighting started in 1996, mainly engaged in research and development, production, sales and services of lighting sources, lamps and control products. Its business covers more than 70 countries and regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and so on. As an industry giant with independent research and development capabilities, the company is based on lighting products, continuously expanding categories to art switches, integrated assembly, kitchen and sanitary appliances, bathroom and so on. Based on the advantages of channel platform, it develops various business sectors, aiming at transforming into lighting systems and integrated hard-fitting integrated solution service providers.OPL Lighting, with its brand concept of "vitality, freedom and innovation" as its core, has issued the brand slogan "beyond what we see" to the outside world, devoting itself to creating a comfortable and comfortable light environment for consumers. With its strong marketing team and perfect marketing network at home and abroad, OPL Lighting now has more than 100,000 terminal sales outlets.Opel Lighting was successfully listed in 2016. Opel shares are referred to as "Opel Lighting", code 603515. SH.

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