Brazil - China LED Lighting BBS Was Held In Sao Paulo, Brazil.

- Apr 25, 2018-

    The picture shows the deputy secretary-general of the China lighting electrical appliances association.Mo first taken 

    Addition to Sao Paulo, April 24 (xinhua's first) afternoon local time on April 23, 2018 Brazil - China LED lighting BBS "held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the participating experts and representatives of around Brazil and China public lighting in LED lighting production cooperation, the PPP project development, communicate wisdom city construction, etc. (LED bulb light)

Brazil's energy and mines commission total coordination of energy efficiency, fernandez said in Brazil's national energy plan 2030 documents, made it clear to the Brazilian power consumption compared with 2017 in 2030 to cut 10%, this is equivalent to the itaipu hydropower station of electricity a year, and LED is energy saving products, so the promotion of its in Brazil is a very big potential. (LED bulb light)

    The picture shows the energy efficiency committee of Brazil's ministry of energy and mines coordination with fernandez.Mo first taken

Brazilian power bureau director of the energy efficiency supervision and phil may plunge into the bureau is introduced at the meeting the ongoing new round of energy efficiency plan PEE test, the program has already started to pilot the 21 cities in Brazil, for the LED lamp, energy-saving lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical energy saving level assessment, to expect a new version of the energy efficiency standards. (LED bulb light)

    WenJiDong, deputy secretary-general of China lighting association, said that China is the world of lighting electrical products factory, products are exported to 220 countries and regions, more than 50% market share in the global market, China lighting market accounted for more than 20% of the global lighting market, annual sales in excess of $90 billion, in 2017 when the industry export growth from $2016 in 38.8 billion to $41.2 billion. (LED bulb light)

    The picture shows BBS.Mo first taken

    The development trend of lighting industry, WenJiDong think, first of all, in the future quite a long time, the traditional lighting products and LED lighting products on the market, but the share of LED lighting products will be increased year by year.But this is a gradual process, not an overnight explosion.In addition, insist on innovation drive, promote industrial upgrading transformation is the national strategy in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which requires upgrading industries from low value-added to high added value, from extensive to intensive to upgrade.China as the world's largest producer and exporter, lighting electrical products scale advantage is, the development direction of the future is no longer continue to do big, but to strive for and stronger, the development from quantity to quality advantages. (LED bulb light)

    China development bank, national grid, huawei, China (Brazil) investment in the development of trade center, morning feng ChengXu in jiangsu, zhejiang, hebei asahi companies such as photoelectric, guangzhou heng chong enterprises are introduced at the meeting in Brazil development opportunities and challenges, with the Brazilian government, project and client representatives to discuss. (LED bulb light)

    BBS has been strongly supported by ccpit in Brazil, the Brazilian Chinese enterprise association, the electrical engineering college of campinas university and the Confucius institute of campinas university. (LED bulb light)