Breaking Through The Bottleneck Taitung Daxin Technology Blu-ray LED

- Dec 03, 2018-

Breaking through the bottleneck Taitung Daxin Technology Blu-ray LED

Huang Junyuan, an associate professor of the Department of Applied Science at Taitung University, and the Far Eastern University of Science and Technology collaborated to break through the technical bottleneck and produce an electrically excited blue light-emitting diode with colloidal quantum dots cadmium sulfide and zinc sulfide.

Taitung University said that the research was carried out by the Materials Department of Far Eastern University of Science and Technology, which is responsible for quantum dot synthesis. Huang Junyuan specializes in component structure and process improvement. Huang Junyuan said that in the past, there have been considerable achievements in the research of red and green light in LEDs, such as traffic lights, large electronic billboards or street lamps, but it is still difficult to break through in Blu-ray. This time they are made of organic-like inorganic materials, and in the future they hope to replace the existing curved OLEDs and show their results on mobile phones, tablets or TV screens.

Huang Junyuan emphasized that the light-emitting diode is the mainstream of today's lighting technology, and the organic light-emitting diode display has gradually replaced the existing LCD display. The advantages of inorganic materials are high in material reliability.

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