Brief: Taiyuan Investment Landscape Lighting Project, Hangzhou's Latest Lighting Planning Was Approved

- May 13, 2019-

Taiyuan, shanxi invested 670 million yuan to build urban landscape lighting beautification project

Recently, from taiyuan city housing and urban and rural construction committee learned that the second youth will urban landscape lighting beautification (phase I) project bidding has been released, the supervision bidding is divided into eight bidding sections, the total project investment reached more than 670 million.

Description: two green will urban landscape lighting lighting beautification (first phase) project construction scope: no.3 - bing road, new road - pingyang road, binhe east road, binhe road, liuzhou - changfeng, changfeng street, west street, yingze street - yingze street west street on both sides of fu, fu tung street, west street - YiFen building construction and pedestrian overpass ramp Bridges (including) 16;

Changfeng bridge, chai village bridge 2;

South station elevated approach bridge, airport elevated approach bridge 2;

South station complete interchange 1.

The supervision bidding is divided into eight bidding sections: the first bidding section: yingze street - yingze street;

Section 2: binhe east road and pedestrian bridge (including ramp bridge) 11;

Section 3: binhe west road and footbridge 2;

Section 4: longcheng street, airport viaduct;

Section 5: changfeng street - changfeng west street;

Six blocks: fu fu east street, west street - YiFen and pedestrian bridge 1;

Section 7: one xinjian road -- pingyang road and footbridge;

Section 8: wuyi-binzhou road and pedestrian overpass, south railway station viaduct, south railway station overpass;

Total project investment: about 674.49 million yuan.

Hangzhou's latest round of lighting planning has been approved

Recently, the latest round of hangzhou lighting planning - hangzhou urban lighting master plan approved by the government.

The plan covers ten major urban areas in hangzhou, with a total area of about 8,000 square kilometers.

The biggest highlight of this round of planning is the expansion of the scope from the main urban area to the whole urban area for the first time, including xiaoshan, yuhang, fuyang and Lin 'an areas.

On the macro level, the overall unified planning is implemented, while on the micro level, the control technology of each district is refined, including but not limited to the guiding road lighting system, and the theme and area of each district's night scene with its own characteristics are created.

According to the different night landscape types of the city, the planning first set the corresponding best scenic spot, but also break the traditional, single day tourism, intimate design for the masses of the corresponding night tour route, so that tourists can freely depth tour at night, not only can view the mountains, water, but also can view the city, a comprehensive experience of the beauty of hangzhou night.

In addition, "Dark Sky protection" is one of the results of the introduction of international advanced lighting planning methods, which is the first proposal in China.

Planning team also set up a "Asian games lighting".

Functional lighting, landscape lighting have made the key requirements and indicative guidance for the Asian games lighting in the late implementation of "escort".