Bright Xixia Light Show, Igniting Different Passion In Summer!

- Aug 15, 2018-

The most romantic and creative lighting Festival is in Xixia.

Brilliant Brilliance of the Fortune Mansion

The lantern show and the beautiful lantern show will open your dream trip together!——LED Landscape lighting


Dreamlike visual feasts, dreamlike space-time tunnels, romantic jellyfish lights, pumpkin cars, time tunnels...

Chinese garden lighting show, the most dazzling lights of the ocean

The magnificent landscape of the Fortune Mansion is integrated with the advanced lighting art. When the sea of brilliant lights comes here, when the poetic and picturesque flavor is broken between the gardens, it is already the effect of 1 + 1 > 2. We sincerely look forward to this magnificent, romantic and aesthetic visual feast.——LED Landscape lighting



The most romantic confession of love tunnel

Walk in the tunnel of love and time, tell your love, and send the ocean of love to your beloved Ta. Romantic love light show, let you put yourself in a love world, experience a hero and heroine of the feeling, flashing lights like stars in the night sky.——LED Landscape lighting


The most interesting children's playground

Fluorescent color running, dynamic color change effect, step on the same time will change color. Light swing, Christmas tree combination, dynamic dance, dream forest, city light, for children to open up a dream of a beautiful world for children, leaving the most naive laughter.——LED Landscape lighting


Theme lighting show, the most exciting photo gathering place.

Walk through the tunnel of love, run in the light, enjoy the peacock's open screen, large windmill, cartoon shape... Like the real fantasy, romantic beauty! Take the most beautiful memories, boom friends circle!——LED Landscape lighting



Activity time: August 15th -9 15 days 19:00-22:00

Venue: Fortune mansion community garden

Xixia lighting show

Summer is coming. Cool down in a fashionable way. There is not only a cool wind but also a beautiful "net red bridge" beside the Stork River. Walking along the bridge and looking at the scenery on both sides of the river, it's comfortable to think about it.——LED Landscape lighting

Maybe you missed the meteor shower and couldn't take you to the North Pole to see the aurora, but you can't miss the Xixia Lighting Show any more! Experience the Supreme Lighting Feast and take you on a dream journey of light and shadow.——LED Landscape lighting

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