Brightpoint And Liqing Reported Year-over-year Revenue Growth For December And 2018

- Jan 12, 2019-

On oct 10, guangbaoke and liqing announced their full-year revenue for December and 2018 respectively.

In December, global consolidated parent and subsidiary revenue of guangbao was 16.14 billion yuan, excluding the transferred mobile phone camera module business, with a monthly decrease of 4% and an annual decrease of 5%. Although the annual revenue was affected by the sale of mobile phone camera module business, it still held the 200 billion yuan mark, reaching 207.1 billion yuan, with an annual decrease of 3.49%.

In terms of departments, information products accounted for 66 percent of guangbao's revenue in December.

The optoelectronics division accounted for 14% of the overall revenue, of which non-visible LED components and LED vehicle lighting shipments continued to grow;

As for the storage unit, it accounted for 16 per cent of total revenue. The storage unit continued to grow as demand for cloud applications grew.

Guangbao has held the annual meeting of the group on April 4. Chen guangzhong, CEO of guangbao group, said that in 2018, the annual growth rate of cloud, LED components and lighting revenue respectively reached 20%, and the total revenue accounted for 30%.

Currently, the automotive lighting segment, which has the highest proportion of revenue, maintains its annual double-digit growth, while the vehicle-mounted lens segment is expected to be mass produced in the fourth quarter of 2019, which is expected to significantly ferment in 2020.

In December, combined revenue of liqing reached 427 million yuan, with a monthly increase of 4.76%, creating the second highest monthly revenue in 2018.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, combined revenue reached 1.24 billion yuan, up 15.15 percent in the third quarter, simultaneously rewriting the record of the highest revenue in the single quarter of 2018.

The cumulative consolidated revenue for the whole of 2018 is 4.402 billion yuan, up 7.50% year on year.

Liqing said the 15.15 percent increase in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 was mainly due to the obvious increase in overall stocking capacity of major customers in the traditional peak season of the auto industry.

Liqing also pointed out that the company's revenue in December 2018 and the fourth quarter of 2018 both showed an annual decline due to sino-us trade friction and uncertainty of unstable consumer confidence, which affected the sales of new cars in mainland China.

But watch the mainland market in 2018, though a recession, but the market share has been German, Japanese, Korean brand depot, LiQing positive since 2017 with the main customers include hualand vision technology, big, wei rui ke, guangzhou and other major global first-order small si (Tier1) lamp factory establish close cooperation relations, the 2018 annual overall revenue from the joint venture brand manufacturers revenue of 70%, significantly soared from 52% in 2017, is the contribution LiQing full-year revenue last year in buck the year increase of 7.50%.