Britain's Oldest Lamp Manufacturer Has Been Acquired

- Jan 27, 2019-

Sugg Lighting, Britain's oldest lighting company, has recently been exposed as having stopped trading.

Sugg Lighting, founded in 1837, has a history of 182 years and was certified by the Royal Council in 2008. It is world-renowned for its traditional street lamps, gas and electric light sources, and illuminates palaces, government buildings and famous cultural heritage projects around the world. Its magnificent stud and decorative lanterns still decorate many avenues, famous buildings and parks around the world.

Sources said Sugg Lighting's operation ended this month. Sugg's brand, assets, tools, customer list and ongoing business will be acquired this week by a company called JW UK LTD.

JW UK LTD is a manufacturer specializing in the production and repair of traditional lighting and street facilities. Joe Webb, the owner and lighting industry veteran, said that after the acquisition, the Sugg brand would continue to operate, but it would operate at JW's office.

Former shareholder F. W. Thorpe is reported to have offered Sugg a loan to buy a factory in Horsham, Sussex, and to help with cash flow. But after a period of financial turmoil, he sold his stake to Wessex Bristol, an English furniture manufacturer, in August last year.

As soon as the news of the bankruptcy acquisition came out, many people expressed their regret. Especially for those responsible for maintaining lighting in old buildings, parks and public places, it was a heavy blow and cast a shadow on the glorious history of British manufacturing.

Since 1911, Sugg Lighting's gas lamp has illuminated the entrance to Buckingham Palace. Gas lamps were set up during the British colonial period about a hundred years ago. The traditional classical Upright Rochester style was the most successful work of Sugg Lighting, a British lighting company. There are many similar street lamps in London today. This traditional handmade street lamp, the most special thing is that the top of the lamp has a shape like a mailbox, and then extended to the body of the lamp aluminum castings and spools, is one of the representative characteristics of the classical elegance of the British tradition.