Build A Smart City, Tianjin Electric Power To Build An Integrated Light Pole Power Communication Network

- Jun 20, 2019-

State grid tianjin electric power company applies ubiquitous power Internet of things technology and combines it with tianjin smart city construction to develop and pilot application of smart street lamp sensing sharing platform, aiming to solve the problems of space resource shortage, power extraction difficulty and information transmission difficulty faced by current intelligent sensing equipment in urban access.

The platform builds an integrated power communication network by adding urban sensing equipment to the traditional light pole.

The development of smart lamp pole sharing platform provides a broad platform for the application and expansion of basic functions of smart city.

It is understood that the new smart light pole can realize 10 categories of facilities state perception and 17 specific social service functions expansion, real-time monitoring of municipal manhole cover, trash bin overflow, water and other state and temperature and humidity and other environmental data, integrated security video monitoring, public emergency broadcasting, one-button alarm and other functions.

At the same time, the smart lamp pole is equipped with ev charging pile, WIFI, information query and other functions, providing more convenience for residents' daily life.

In the next two years, state grid tianjin electric power will upgrade and renovate more than 10 street lamps in tianjin's Italian fashion district, five avenue and other scenic spots and transportation hubs.

The upgraded smart street lamp will combine cutting-edge technologies such as ground projection and virtual reality, deeply integrate the user side demand response of tourist attractions, and build the ubiquitous Internet of things ecology of smart city.