Can OLED Rule The Future? LG Launches A Fully Transparent LED Display

- Jun 10, 2018-

As a result of many physical characteristics and self luminescent properties, OLED TV has now shown the ability to surpass the mainstream liquid crystal, and has become the highest voice of the times display technology. For example, LGDisplay and SamsungDisplay have shown transparent OLED panels before. But for the first time in LG, the transparent color LED film display has been launched in the US, proving that OLED technology is not the only choice in the future.——OLED technology

LG launches a fully transparent LED display

This transparent color LED display can deliver dramatic digital content and information. This color LED film can provide brightness of more than 1000 nite. High brightness means high power consumption. Each 2*2 panel consumes about 150W of electricity.——OLED technology

For this 24mm pixel spacing film, each 668*480 mm panel has 560 LED pixels. LG says that even when the display is on the bright side, it can provide a high transparency ratio. Although this is strictly true, each pixel will hinder the view to some extent. When opened, the light from each pixel will further block the view window, which is suitable for indoor large windows.——OLED technology

High brightness and high transparency provide many possibilities for design. To get the best image and information effects, it is best to watch at a certain distance. It can be displayed on a glass of up to 100 meters long.——OLED technology

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