Changzhou Building Intelligent Lighting Laboratory And The First 2.6G Band 5G Base Station

- Jan 03, 2019-

Cooperation between Changzhou and Huawei to Build NB-IoT Intelligent Lighting Laboratory

NB-IoT Intelligent Lighting Joint Laboratory was officially opened in Wujin National High-tech Zone recently. The laboratory was built by Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Applied Technology Research Institute, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Internet of Things Open Laboratory Co., Ltd. and Changzhou People's Government.——LED Bulb Light

NB-IoT has the characteristics of wide coverage, Dalian connection, low power consumption and high reliability. It is an Internet of Things communication technology suitable for intelligent lighting, intelligent city, industry and other fields. After the opening of the joint laboratory, it will gradually build a joint, open and sustainable public technology research and development entity to further support the construction of national science and technology innovation bases such as the Third Generation Semiconductor National Technology Innovation Center.——LED Bulb Light

First 2.6G band 5G base station completed

On November 27, China Mobile Sichuan Co., Ltd., China Mobile (Chengdu) Industry Research Institute and Chengdu Ocean Pacific Archuri jointly announced the launch of the first 5G demonstration block in Chengdu Ocean Archuri, a well-known commercial landmark in the country.——LED Bulb Light

During the activity, you can feel the "speed" of 5G by accessing the Wi-Fi hotspot of 5G signal conversion in the experiential area. It is reported that its download peak is more than 600 Mbps, and a blue-light movie can be downloaded in less than a minute. At that time, the mobile base station of China Mobile provided 5G signal.——LED Bulb Light

A month later, China Mobile became the first 2.6G 5G NSA site in China, also near the Taiguri business circle. Daily Economic News reporter saw on the spot that this site was originally China Mobile's 4G site, after merging the original channels, it made room for the construction of 5G.——LED Bulb Light

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