Chaozhou, The Next City Of Light Because Of The Rise Of The City?

- May 09, 2018-

In May 2017, the first finance and economics published the list of 2017 Chinese urban commercial charms. The list was weighted according to the five dimensions of commercial resource aggregation, urban hub, city human activity, life style diversity and future plasticity. The list of 338 cities and more cities in China were ranked, among which Chaozhou was listed. It's four line city.

For such a result, I believe that both Chaozhou citizens and people who know about Chaozhou will feel wronged by Chaozhou. Because looking at the whole province of Guangdong and even the whole country, Chaozhou culture and Chaozhou businessmen all play a decisive role.

Chaozhou's organizational system has been nearly 1700 years ago. It has been the county, state, road, and government office in succession, and it has been the origin of overseas trade. It is one of the earliest two famous historical and cultural cities in Guangdong Province, and is the birthplace of the famous "tide culture". Even if you are not very familiar with its reputation as "the famous hometown of overseas Chinese", "the famous Chinese historical and cultural city", "Chinese historical and cultural city", "the capital of Chinese arts and crafts", and so on, it has never heard of the title of "the hometown of gourmet", and will not be strange to the famous Chaozhou celebrities, such as Rao Zongyi, Li Jiacheng, Chen Weinan and so on.

Today, Chaozhou is located in the Economic Zone on the west side of the Straits. It is a tourist city open to the outside world, and is also listed as a comprehensive pilot area for new urbanization of the country.

With the wide spread of the Internet before the Spring Festival this year, the city of Chaozhou, which was not warm, became the "first city". How does it do it? Can it enhance Hangzhou's status as a result of G20 lighting?

With these questions, we came to Chaozhou with the Aladdin divine lamp award tour group. We visited and investigated the night scene promotion project on both sides of the Chaozhou River, and discussed with the Chaozhou municipal authorities, the project chief designers, the engineering merchants, the lamps and lanterns suppliers, and the local travel agency representatives. The past, present, and future of the night scene in Chaozhou.

Impressions of Chaozhou

There are two concepts in Chaozhou, and the broad sense of Chaozhou refers to the counties of Chaozhou in history, mainly including Chaozhou, Shantou, Jieyang and Fengshun County in Guangdong province. The narrow sense Chaozhou refers to the prefecture level city Chaozhou city in Guangdong. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Han River, adjacent to East and Fujian Province, West and Guangdong province. Yang city is bordering on Meizhou, south of the South China Sea and Shantou city.

Chaozhou had been living at least 5000 years ago. The ancestors of Chaozhou Shantou (natives) belong to the Min Yue ethnic group (also known as the Min nationality). In the pre Qin period, Chaozhou belonged to the Min Yue area. Since the two dynasties of Qin and Han Dynasties, Fujian Vietnam was divided and Chaozhou was divided into South Vietnam. After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, with the war, garrison, exile and national migration, a large number of Central Plains Han people came to the south, bringing in the advanced culture of the Central Plains. After the song and Ming Dynasties, the humanities gradually flourished, the famous men and women came forth in large numbers, and the Chao county was praised as "the seashore Zou Lu".

Although today's Chaozhou has experienced the adjustment of the territory, but since its self establishment has been the county, state, road, government office, so the most complete and most valuable historical features have been preserved.

Chaozhou's famous mountains include Jinshan, Hulu mountain, Beacon Hill, Lantau Peak and so on. Every mountain is a historical story with beautiful scenery and endless history. Among them, Jinshan, which stands in the north of the city, forms the three barrier of Chaozhou's urban area with the Western Hulu mountain and the eastern Beacon Hill.

The Hanjiang River is the mother river of Chaozhou city. It flows through the main city of Chaozhou about 3 kilometers. The Guangji Bridge, one of the four ancient bridges in China, lies in it, connecting the traffic between the ancient city and the east bank. Since ancient times, it has been the transportation hub of the two provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and the two provinces.

Chaoshan people dare to break through, be good at business, and take "love to fight to win" is the motto. There are both Han Yu and Rao Zongyi's benchmarks, and there are Chaoshang merchants represented by Li Jiacheng and Chen Weinan.

The ancient city wall is the most striking symbol of the ancient city of Chaozhou. It is also one of the most intact and longest preserved ancient city walls in the country. The existing 2000 meters walls are decorated with four city buildings, such as the gate of the water gate, the Guangji gate, the bamboo gate and the gate of the water gate, among which the Guangji gate is the most magnificent. Inside the city is the archway lane with humanistic atmosphere, and the charming scenery on both sides of the Han River is outside the city.

Chaozhou's culture is too deep, too rich and unique. At present, there are 1345 cultural relics in Chaozhou, 9 key cultural relics protection units, 26 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, 15 national intangible cultural heritage, including Guangji Bridge, Chaozhou Pai street, Han Wen temple, Chaozhou Kaiyuan Temple in East Guangdong first ancient temple and the only private Prince palace in the east of Guangdong Province. The relics of cultural relics such as the prince's house. In addition, there are many cultural resources, such as Chaozhou wood carving, tidal embroidery, Chaozhou ceramics, Chaozhou hand pulla, Chaozhou food, Chaozhou kungfu tea, Chaozhou Opera, Chaozhou big gong and drum, and so on, which have strong regional characteristics and the cultural characteristics of the Central Plains.

Look back on the lights of the year

Although there are unique urban landscapes and profound cultural details, these days all seem to belong to Chaozhou only in the daytime. At night, Chaozhou is a bit lonely, and it is overshadowed by the lack of high quality lighting.

Talking about the first impression of the night scene in Chaozhou, Zhu Jianxiu, the chief designer of the night view promotion project on both sides of Chaozhou, said: "the Cantonese are very real, the lights are bright, and the buildings are almost all by the way of the border. It seems to stay in the state of twenty years ago." You only see the light, but can not see the carrier of the city, can not see the space of the city, the quality of the light environment needs to be promoted.

As an authentic Chaozhou, Zhu Rong, the assistant general manager of the Chaozhou China Travel Agency Co., Ltd., in recalling the night scene of his hometown, regrets that: "in the past, the night scenes in Chaozhou city were basically only on the level of basic lighting and the lack of a more comprehensive and comprehensive design plan." The proportion of LED landscape lamps is very low. Though colorful, it is not in harmony with Chaozhou's style as a historical and cultural city.

We have collected data from Chaozhou over the past decade and illuminated some of the problems they reflected. In the past, nightscape lighting in Chaozhou has been implemented as a supporting project for infrastructure construction, with a focus on basic lighting and few landscape lighting projects.

"The lighting of Chaozhou has gone through several stages of development. In the process, we have accumulated a lot of experience and lessons." Chaozhou municipal government departments in charge of the government said.

During the visit to Chaozhou, the Aladdin God lantern survey team learned that the night lights of Chaozhou have undergone several rounds of evolution, such as the lights of Pai Fang street, which can still see the traces of several periods of light. In the first place, the LED lamps were buried in the ground and the lights were straight up to the sky. The effect was to see that the archway could not see the lamp, and the lamp could not see the archway. Then, the ancient buildings on both sides of Pai street were changed to high power lamps and lanterns, and eight lights of a memorial archway were taken in a vast amount of white, completely lost the palaeo flavor. Later, the white light turned yellow again, and the lights became dim and lacking comfort.

"In addition to the people's Square, we rarely used to make a large-scale landscape lighting project like last year. It is often concentrated on one point, not a surface or a whole. There was no visitor to China's famous Pai Fang street before and after the night. It's not as crowded as tourists nowadays, and business is much better. " Mr. Chen, the merchant of Pai Fang street, said.

In June 2002, the Binjiang Long Corridor project with double function of flood control and tourism was completed, and the ancient city wall was also renovated, and the green, beautification and brightening were carried out.

In 2004, the water curtain film of the people's Square, which was invested about 3000000 yuan, was launched, integrating the elements of dry land fountain, pool fountain, laser show and so on.

In 2006, the city of Chaozhou, following the principle of "repair the old as old", started a 5 year Pai Street restoration project with a total investment of 140 million yuan, restored 24 archways, ancient streets, and along the street, and completed lighting and lighting system projects.

In 2012, the city of Chaozhou started the brightening and beautifying project of Chaozhou Avenue; the layout of outdoor advertising in the downtown area of Chaozhou and the planning guidelines for the setting of advertisement for Chaozhou Street building signs were formulated to open the renovation and renovation work of outdoor advertising in the center of the city, and strengthen the brightening of the advertising landscape.

In 2014, Chaozhou accelerated the improvement of the cultural tourism facilities in ancient cities, and actively promoted the lighting and lighting projects in historic streets. In January, the Guangji building landscape lamp lighting project was completed; in April, the landscape lights in the Binjiang long corridor were repaired and replaced; in December, antique wall lamps were installed in many streets and lanes in the ancient city area.

In 2015, in order to improve the overall landscape effect of the scenic belt on both sides of the Hanjiang city section, Chaozhou started the construction of the Fenghuang tower Binjiang Park, and the lighting design was carried out.

In March 2017, the street lamps of 31 roads in the city were upgraded and upgraded, 1135 new street lamps were built, 805 old buildings were removed, and the urban environment was brighten up.

In August 2017, Chaozhou West Lake night scene upgrading project and Renmin Square fountain reconstruction project began construction, and lights were lit before National Day.

In February 10, 2018, the night scene of the two sides of the Chaozhou River lights up the new era of Chaozhou's urban nightscape.

New light, new Chaozhou

In order to realize the image of the famous historical and cultural city of Chaozhou, develop the "cultural tourism" and promote the goal of the development of the whole region, the night view of Chaozhou can be said to be imminent.

In June 2017, Zhu Jianxiu, director of the lighting design institute of the landscape architecture design and Research Institute of The China Academy of Art, was invited to design a brightening and hoisting scheme for Chaozhou West Lake park. After the national day light, the citizens and tourists were in great praise. This gave the municipal Party committee and municipal government great confidence, so they launched a whole night project of 6 square kilometers across the river.

As the chief designer of the night scene promotion project on both sides of Chaozhou, Zhu Jianxiu, based on the analysis of the city space structure and historical context, the carrier analysis of the important nodes, mountains and the core area of the new town on both sides of Hanjiang River, firmly grasped the humanistic connotation of "Chaozhou's mountains and rivers are all surname Korea", and to the Jinshan Bridge, the Han Wen Gong temple, the Beacon Hill, The thirteen nodes of Han Shi gate, East and West Bank, Guangji Bridge, Hanjiang River Bridge, Fenghuang Park, beige Buddha lamp, city gate of city gate, archway street and Summer Palace, have carried out systematic lighting design.

He condensed the design theme of the whole project into four sentences: the three mountains on one side of the river, the Changli tower.

Water and ink nostalgia in the rhyme, and the wind with the moon to think of no evil.

Finally, the light range on both sides of the river is like the back of the poet Han Yu, the top of the sky, the head pillow Beacon Hill, hands hugging Hanjiang, the wind chic, daemon, guardian of Chaozhou's Ming and death terrace. Overall, this lighting design has awakened the soul of the ancient city of Chaozhou.

The two sides of the river

"One river" refers to the Han River that flows south through the city. The three mountains refer to Jinshan, Hulu mountain and Beacon Hill standing on both sides of the Hanjiang River. "Three mountains and one river on one side of the river" points out the spatial scope of the project, that is, the landscape space of "three mountains, one water and protecting the city". Zhu Jianxiu said: "if we want to be based on" one river across the Taiwan Strait ", we must clarify the boundary of the mountains and waters, thus forming the expressive space of the Landscape City text.


This sentence is about the artistic conception, that is, the atmosphere of humanity. A city has both the visible scenery and the unseen scenery. These unseen landscapes are the historical stories of the literati and the city. Just like Su Dongpo and Bai Juyi in Hangzhou, they gave Hangzhou West Lake an interesting cultural height.

Chaozhou is also a city that attaches great importance to cultural heritage. There are stories behind pavilions and pavilions, Ancient Rhymes of Tang and Song Dynasties, Zou Lu on the seashore, and a halo of "Mr. Changli" Han Yu. The lights on both sides of the river should guide people to explore those unseen landscapes through the creation of human artistic conception.

Chinese and ink nostalgia

This is the expression of the expression. The landscape of the ancient city of Chaozhou has its own characteristics. The designer uses the natural color to outline the texture of the city to reflect the charm of the ancient city. At the same time, a light show has been deducted in Guangji Bridge with the use of innovative techniques. Integration of ancient and modern, a water landscape map completed.

Seeing the mountains, seeing the water, remembering the nostalgia, the artistic conception of the poem and the view of the painting, both sides of the river are in the picture and in the poem.

Think of the moon with the wind

The whole design cycle of Chaozhou one river cross strait project is nearly three months, since 2017.

Starting in December 25th, the construction period is 45 calendar days, nearly 1000 hours, to complete the 200 kilometers of pipeline laying, the installation of nearly 70 thousand sets of lamps and lanterns, involving the range of 6 square kilometers across the river.

In the construction, as the project involves the protection of many historical relics, such as ancient city and ancient bridge, it is necessary to carefully consider the different situation in the field and deal with the objects in the installation of lamps and lanterns. For example, according to the expert opinion and in combination with the field conditions, the line slot and the wall washing lamp in Guangji Bridge bridge are finally installed with hoop, and the installation of the light and column slot of the Guangji Bridge Pavilion is not perforated, but is treated with stickiness, so as to reduce the damage to the cultural relics as much as possible.

Lamps and lanterns, in order to achieve the perfect effect of Guangji Bridge light and shadow show, designers put forward very high requirements for lighting color. To control the changes in the more than 10 thousand sets of lamps and lanterns on the bridge, and to control the light of the mountain, it has also brought great challenges to the linkage control system. In addition, the lights on the Beacon Hill, in addition to the color temperature variable, but also can show the change of text, this is a new attempt.

The whole project team, from design to construction, to lighting coordination, nearly 400 people struggle in the front line, and sometimes work day and night. All people are always holding the most sincere attitude, using ingenuity to complete the whole project, lighting up the ancient city of Chaozhou with diligently. This is "no evil with the wind with the moon".

The management mechanism of landscape lighting still needs to be explored

Large scale urban nightscape lighting engineering, from the early stage planning, tendering, implementation to later operation, can not be separated from the rational management mechanism. In this regard, the successful implementation of the G20 summit nightscape upgrading project in Hangzhou can be said to have accumulated rich experience in practice.

Hangzhou municipal government began to pay attention to the management of landscape brightening very early. In order to strengthen the leadership of the brightening work, it set up the leading group of Hangzhou brightening work in 2012. At the end of the G20 summit, a few months after the end of 2017, the "Hangzhou city landscape lighting management work plan" was launched, and the city lighting was later. Continuous operation and maintenance has been systemized and institutionalized.

Compared with the maturity of Hangzhou, the Chaozhou municipal government is still in the exploratory stage due to its lack of experience in operating large-scale lighting projects.

Who is the owner?

According to the introduction, the Chaozhou one river cross-strait night view promotion project is planned by the municipal municipal government of Chaozhou, the Chaozhou City Comprehensive Management Bureau as the owner of the project of the tendering and implementation of the project. As the implementation of the project involved the coordination of many units, such as housing, housing, Wen Bao, transportation and other units, the municipal government appointed a special deputy secretary general to provide strong support for these coordination and communication.

From the official website of the Chaozhou government, we have learned that as the owner of the project, the Chaozhou Municipal Comprehensive Administration Bureau (plus the brand of the Chaozhou West Lake scenic spot management office) is the Department in charge of the comprehensive management of the city of Chaozhou, whose main responsibilities include the formulation of urban municipal construction, garden greening, The special planning, medium and long term development plan and annual plan of the city's environmental and environmental health are organized and implemented after approval; the lead organization carries out comprehensive renovation and special renovation of urban management, and is responsible for organizing the management and maintenance of municipal public facilities, and organizing the management and maintenance of municipal public utilities and other fifteen major items.

Although these fifteen main responsibilities, there is no "lighting special" related content, but it is understood that the Bureau has a special leadership in charge of urban lighting related work. And from the final effect and benefit of the landing, the Chaozhou municipal government and the Chaozhou Municipal Comprehensive Management Bureau have successfully successfully guaranteed the successful implementation of the night view promotion project on both sides of the Chaozhou river.

Who is in charge of the follow-up management?

The successful implementation of the project has laid a good cornerstone for the later operation, while healthy, sustainable, and benefited later operation will test the level of urban management more.

The difficulties in the follow-up management of the night view promotion project in Chaozhou one river are mainly concentrated in two aspects: one is the problem of traffic organization, and the two is the daily maintenance and development of the night view lighting.

Data show that during the Spring Festival this year, the Guangji Bridge light and shadow show attracted a large number of tourists and tourists. The peak passenger flow of Hanjiang Bridge is 13 thousand and 800, which is normal.

2.2 times the cause of serious traffic jams. After the Spring Festival holiday, there are four light shows every night. The number of people watching is 100 thousand.

The director of the Chaozhou Municipal Comprehensive Management Bureau said that in fact, at the beginning of the project design, they had envisaged a light show on the upper floor of Guangji, but considering the traffic problems, the final proposal was rejected by the designer, and the light show was designed only in Guangji Bridge. Because the audience can watch the Guangji Bridge light show on both sides of the river, the traffic on the main road has not been affected; after the viewing, the audience can be diverted from both sides of the city gate to Pai Fang street to avoid traffic congestion.

Apart from careful consideration in design, relevant units have also made various contingency plans to cooperate with each other to maintain order at the scene. So far, there have been no safety problems. In contrast, the problem of daily maintenance and development of nightscape lighting is not so easy to solve. During the period of investigation, the night scene project of one river across Chaozhou has not been formally transferred from the project owner to the owner, but who should it be transferred to? Who has the ability to manage the operation?

In this regard, the head of the Chaozhou Municipal Bureau of comprehensive management said: "as the owner of the project, the Urban Management Bureau is mainly responsible for the safe operation of the light. As the project is still in the custody period, the daily maintenance is responsible by the construction unit, and the Urban Management Bureau should do well in the connection, guidance and supervision. In the future, perhaps the most reasonable method is the market, the management of the light show, the on-site security all package by the professional team to undertake, the funds by the financial expenditure. Of course, this is only our initial idea. As for how we actually operate, we need further exploration and research. "

Zhu Jianxiu, chief designer of the project, suggested that the Chaozhou government could learn from Hangzhou. He said that Hangzhou has been exploring the issue of lighting conservation market in recent years, which is the direction of lighting industry is paying close attention to. "With so many lights installed, traditional management methods will definitely not work. If we use the means of marketization, we should consider the question of quotation and examination. For example, the Hangzhou West Lake project, from the construction process to the current maintenance, we will make a commitment to guarantee 100% lights in three years.

24 hour response. "

With the attention to the city lights and the determination to promote the development of the city through light, the Chaozhou municipal government can say that the city's power has ensured the completion of the night scene project on both sides of the Chaozhou river. Although the nightscape of the one river in Chaozhou has not established a normal control mechanism at present, it is believed that in the near future, Chaozhou will form the most suitable light operation and management mechanism for its own.

Rejuvenation of Chaozhou in Judas

In February 10th this year, Chaozhou city on both sides of the river once a light, the night scene video on the Internet spread wildly, this phenomenon of the lighting events brought great benefits and unprecedented impact on Chaozhou.

The number of tourists in the Spring Festival is the first in the whole province

In the past, as an ancient city with historical and cultural accumulation in 1700, the popularity of Chaozhou in the ancient cities and ancient towns was not high, and the tourism industry was not warm. It is amazing that the embarrassment was reversed only by a lighting show.

According to statistics, 1 million 743 thousand visitors were received in Chaozhou during the Spring Festival this year, up 70.2% over the same period last year, the first in the whole province, and the number of tourist attractions in the scenic spots reached 2 million 725 thousand, the increase of 35%, the total tourism revenue of 446 million yuan, 50.5%, the star hotel reception and the average housing rate exceeding 100% .

Facing the tourism heat brought by the light, Zhu Rong, a tourist practitioner, said: "as an ancient city with rich historical accumulation, Chaozhou has a lot of cultural relics to be better displayed through light, and the high technology light and shadow technology endows these buildings with more spirituality." Therefore, in the following tourism promotion, we will rely on the two elements of the ancient city street and Guangji Bridge light show, to adjust the product structure of the night tour purposefully, enrich the connotation of Chaozhou tourism, let the tourists come to the tide, enjoy the scenery of the city, the human text in the daytime, and enjoy the folk custom of the ancient city at night. Love, bright light. For example, after the Spring Festival, we quickly launched the "love like the tide, wait for you to come, Chaozhou City, and enjoy the light show" of the Chaozhou tour route, to the provinces and abroad, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia market promotion.

The sense of pride of the people of Chaozhou is enhanced

"This project of the night view promotion of the one river in Chaozhou really improves the confidence of the people of Chaozhou. The people are proud to see that their hometown has received so much attention. The night scene upgrading project will also have a huge impact on the format of Chaozhou. Our citizens will be the most direct beneficiaries. These are the value created by the light! " The local citizens said excitedly.

The head of the government of the Chaozhou municipal government said: "the overseas visitors are also touched by the light show. It is said that the homesickness has been brought up. It is said that after the Spring Festival, the overseas Chinese who want to return to their hometown are more than Chinese, and the contact of the overseas Chinese group is also more."

Rejuvenation of Chaozhou with light

Facing the night scene of the two sides of the river, the night went on to the people of Chaozhou.

No doubt they are excited, like a person who has long forgotten talent and finally has the opportunity to expand his vision. However, more excitement needs to be calmly ponder over, and how to extend the short-term heat and eventually realize the long-term development of Chaozhou tourism.

Zhu Jianxiu pointed out very clearly that lighting is a kind of media. After spreading through the Internet, people's attention is quickly focused on Chaozhou. However, "attracting people" is only the first step. They hope to take this opportunity to realize the revival of Chaozhou.

He believes that the renewal of ideas is very important to the construction of light, and can not be used as a simple lighting project, but to put it in the urban infrastructure construction, to think, plan and design from the point of view of the urban development demand. "Chaozhou's location is a historical and cultural city. It's a tourist city. What kind of lights do tourists need to stay behind? What supporting infrastructure do you need? " He has been thinking about these problems in designing lighting.

And through close communication with the Chaozhou city management department, the next step is clear - further deepening the long - term light and night travel mode, so that the organization of the night tour can form different pattern settings. For example, pafang street should focus on the characteristics of street archway and the building of building on both sides of the street. Through the planning and design of the block format, the five functional areas of traditional cultural block, characteristic industry and tourist boutique block, residential and residential block, food street, entertainment and leisure block are gradually formed.

"In the future, Chaozhou should also make a whole city nightscape lighting plan to deal with the transition relationship between the old city area and the new urban area; so many good things in Chaozhou should dig out more distinctive places; to plan and design different travel lines, such as the wandering line of the river side, and the yacht of the Hanjiang night trip, There is a night trip to the mountains... " "To pack, integrate and promote a variety of tourist products, this is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the role of the invisible hand of the market. Only in this way can tourism products be more dynamic," Zhu Jian mended.