Chengdu Will Tackle The Problem Of Ultra-bright Outdoor Advertising Signboards And Urban Landscape Lighting

- Jun 21, 2019-

Sichuan chengdu ChengGuanWei announced the 2019 outdoor advertising signs in the city and urban landscape lighting ultra light administrative work plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), to effective governance chengdu outdoor advertising signs and super bright city lighting facilities, according to the outdoor advertising signs and city lighting energy conservation and environmental protection industry standards, to promote green lighting, outdoor advertising signs control and the urban landscape lighting light source pollution caused by the purifying urban night light order and landscape image.

According to the plan, chengdu will verify the examination and approval procedures of outdoor electronic display screens in its jurisdiction, and shut down those who have not obtained the examination and approval procedures and violate the regulations, and investigate and deal with them according to law.

The opening and closing time will be strictly controlled to ensure that the setting approval procedures are closed before 22:30.

Secondly, the newly applied outdoor electronic display screen must meet the requirements of chengdu central urban area outdoor advertisement setting planning (2013-2020) and relevant technical specifications.

For those who install LED display devices in violation of regulations and fail to dismantle them by themselves, relevant departments shall investigate and order them to be dismantled immediately.

Furthermore, chengdu will strengthen the night patrol work, the area under its jurisdiction over bright light-emitting word signs in parts, and establish the parameter, and verify the formalities for examination and approval strictly, requires businesses to strictly follow co a recruit, LED lamp bead not bare principle, strictly control sign set number, according to the our city brand management set standards for specifications, to meet the requirements of the Settings for examination and approval in accordance with the law;

To the illegal setting of LED signs, the relevant departments investigated and ordered to remove.

Meanwhile, the power of urban landscape lighting is strictly controlled.

According to the relevant industrial standards of urban road lighting and landscape lighting, with energy saving and environmental protection as the core, drive the application of high-efficiency energy-saving light source, lamps, electrical accessories and lighting control system.

In addition, chengdu will strictly control the power of urban landscape lighting facilities.

According to the relevant industrial standards for urban road lighting and landscape lighting, strictly limit the use of energy-consuming products and prohibit the use of products that may cause pollution and may produce harmful substances in landscape lighting facilities;

It is forbidden to use powerful searchlights, high-power floodlights, large areas of neon lights and other high-brightness, high-energy lamps;

Scientific and reasonable arrangement of lighting on and off time, the use of lighting intelligent monitoring system, to ensure the automatic control of landscape lights on and off time and centralized control synchronization, do on time.

For advertising signboards that have not obtained the approval procedures (and do not meet the examination and approval requirements), and for those that have more than one shop, they shall be investigated and collected evidence in a timely manner. They shall be ordered to shut down the light source immediately and dismantle it by themselves within a time limit.

For outdoor advertising signs with ultra-bright light source after obtaining approval procedures, it shall be ordered to immediately stop the use of the light source, and adopt acrylic panel covering, effectively reduce the brightness and other technical means to solve such problems at the source;

To do STH without authorization use powerful searchlight, high power floodlight should instruct immediate shut down illuminant to use, and deadline oneself dismantle;

To refuse to obey the management, rectification is not in place, the relevant departments should give administrative penalties and organize centralized demolition.

The message indicates that the governance effort will take place in three phases.

Among them, the period from January 2019 to the end of June is the centralized cleaning and screening stage.

This stage will focus on the problem areas reported and complained by citizens, areas with prominent problems of ultra-bright signboards, and key points of illegal LED advertisements to conduct a comprehensive investigation, establish a work account, put forward the rectification work plan, and clarify the responsibility subject, work schedule arrangement and governance work requirements.

From July 2019 to the end of November, a centralized remediation phase will be carried out to comprehensively deal with the problems listed in the books.

Among them, we will resolutely investigate and deal with LED advertisements, super bright signboards, super bright lighting and other illegal Settings according to law.

At the same time, strengthen outdoor advertising signs and urban landscape lighting source pollution inspection, control new problems.

The remediation work will be completed by the end of October.

From November 2019 to the end of December 2019, the inspection and summary stage will be carried out randomly, and the problems found in the inspection will be included in the monthly and annual assessment. Those who have caused serious consequences due to inadequate disposal will be notified of criticism and held accountable according to law.

Source: chengdu urban management commission