Chinese Dream And Blue Dream: Appreciation Of Illumination Design Case Of Jinyutang Marketing Center (Part III)

- Apr 28, 2019-

(Lamp combination form)

Installation Method of Point Light Source for Perforated Plate

Direct Fixation of Point Light Source and Perforated Plate (Comparison of Indoor and Outdoor Directions)

After installation, the lamp shields the perforated panel of the external facade curtain wall, forming the intention of natural hills overlapping, but also affecting the permeability of the perforated curtain wall.

Inside the perforated curtain wall, U-type lamp components are installed. Through the distance between the lamp and the curtain wall, the permeability of the perforated curtain wall is ensured. At the same time, the nighttime effect is more flexible and natural.

Through the dense change of vertical decorative strip and point light source, a natural integration of ink landscape is created.

[live show]

The change of light and shadow at the entrance deduces the exquisite beauty of the building.

2. On both sides of the entrance, decorative pillars are used to satisfy the basic functions of lighting, and at the same time, the artistic atmosphere is added to the overall atmosphere.

3. Continuous light grooves at the top of the corridor form light guidance. At the same time, it echoes the space formed by architecture and landscape.

Mode 1

Mode two

Tranquility is revealed in the noise