Chinese Dream And Blue Dream: Appreciation Of The Illumination Design Case Of Jinyutang Marketing Center

- Apr 28, 2019-

[Project Background]

Jinyutang is located in Xuchang, Henan Province. It is 4.5 kilometers away from Xuchang East Railway Station. The project is located on the east side of College Road, the north side of Longchang Road and the west side of Weiwu Avenue.

Architectural impression:

The marketing center is located in the interior of the district. The main materials of the curtain wall are perforated aluminium plate and U-shaped glass. Lighting to meet the functional lighting and decorative lighting needs of environmental space, reflecting the modern, fashionable, concise and elegant architecture.

2. The integration of architecture and landscape, the water view at the bottom of the building will fully integrate the building and the surrounding environment. At the same time, the corridor in the main entrance area will invisibly introduce people into the interior of the building, greatly weakening the sense of space between the building and the environment.

[Design Conception]

In the early stage of illumination, the idea is to strengthen the block sense of the building structure, and to divide the block structure of the building to strengthen the large luminous block composed of the unit module. The architectural part mainly presents visual perception, realizes the visual center through the layout of large blocks of color, and the landscape part satisfies people's psychological perception, creates a quiet and soothing sense of rhythm through low-level light, and forms an integrated natural landscape effect with the architecture.

Combining with the facade form of architecture, the concept of traditional bamboo slips painting scroll is entrusted to architecture to create the concept of "scholarly family, full of gold and jade". Architecture under the night is like an open scroll expressing the charm of architecture and the details of the city. Vertical perforated panels on the facade of curtain walls display the charm of architectural details in the form of bamboo slips spread out by lighting. The perforated panel has built-in LED point light source. Through the change of lamp spacing and lamp control, the change of light and shade is realized, and finally the artistic conception of ink landscape is presented. Looking at the whole building from a distance, it is like an unfolding picture scroll, which deduces the charm of the natural landscape in the city.

Combined with the special structure of building curtain wall, the ingenious natural phenomena of people walking, people walking in the scenery and scenery flowing with people are formed by using the angle between human visual angle and curtain wall.