Chinese Dream Blue Dream: Appreciation Of The Illumination Design Case Of Jinyutang Marketing Center (Part 2)

- Apr 28, 2019-

[Effect Design]

(Scheme Effect Map)

(live photos 2019)

[Node Design]

In this design, the main position nodes can effectively achieve the ideal effect by controlling the beam angle.

Facade lighting system

The elevation lighting is composed of three parts: scroll, scroll and ink. The elevation of the building is used as the carrier of the scroll and light is used as the pen to depict a natural picture in the city.

Scroll 1

Modeling U-glass Lighting System-Inner LED Linear Spotlight

Vertical Lighting System - Installation of LED Linear Spotlight in Transverse Decorative Slot

Second scroll (vertical decorative bar distribution)

Third Ink

The elevation combines with the perforated panel form of curtain wall, and realizes the mountain intention of overlapping mountains by the dense arrangement of LED pixels.