Chinese LED Lighting Companies Are Listed In Holland For The First Time

- Jun 11, 2018-

China time (June 6th), the Holland Caribbean Stock Exchange (Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, DCSX) issued a bulletin, Enta Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. (ENTA) (Yi Ning bright group) successfully obtained the approval of the listing.——LED flood light

The announcement shows that ENTA is a company in the Bouchon Ltd, and Osaitop Electrical (HK) Limited is a subsidiary of ENTA 100% holdings, and the light lighting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is also the subsidiary of erseth's 100% holdings.——LED flood light

The wholly-owned subsidiary of GUI Ming Lighting Co., Ltd. is Shenzhen Yi Ning Liang Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yi Ning bright lighting") with a shareholding ratio of 100%, which is a wholly owned holding company of Yi ningliang group.——LED flood light

According to the data, Yi ningliang lighting was founded in 2004. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in white light LED technology and semiconductor interior lighting. The company's operating scope includes LED packaging, LED lamps manufacturing, LED power supply, LED soft light strip and so on. It has been leading the LED high-end lamp band for many years, especially the LED soft light strip far and near, product 70% Exports to Europe and the United States and all over the world.——LED flood light

Liu Yuangui, chairman of Yi Ning lighting, said that this is a memorable day. Shenzhen Yi ningliang Lighting Co., Ltd. has officially approved the listing of the main board of the Holland board through the "Holland Caribbean Stock Exchange", and the shareholder code "ENTA". ENTA this time to realize the Holland main board, is the first realization of the Chinese LED lighting companies listed in the European main board, will improve the "ENTA" brand in the European Union and international market influence and visibility, this is the joy, is also a responsibility, this is a milestone in the development of the enterprise, the next goal in 5-8 years to achieve the goal. The United States or China's main board is going to be listed!——LED flood light

The company's listed sponsor is Shanghai Chu Cheng Cci Capital Ltd (Chu Cheng capital). This is the sixth listed company listed by Chu Cheng capital sponsor on the Caribbean stock exchange of Holland.——LED flood light

In the capital market, Holland invented the first stock exchange in the history of human history - the Amsterdam stock exchange in the history of human history in 1602, with a highly mature capital market. But after Holland's accession to the European Union, the Amsterdam stock exchange was merged in September 2000 with the stock exchange of the Paris stock exchange and the Brussels stock exchange, forming the pan European exchange. However, Holland has retained its Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange in Kuraso, the Caribbean of its autonomous region, Holland, Holland. The stock exchange is also the only local stock exchange and its main board capital market.——LED flood light

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