Combined With LED Design, Smart Contact Lenses Can Detect Blood Sugar.

- Jun 16, 2018-

Google has announced that it will build a smart contact lens to monitor users' blood sugar, but no definite results are yet available. After Google, the National Institute of science and Technology (National Science and Technology), Ulsan, South Korea, led by Professor Park Jang-Ung, successfully designed a similar product without a needle to test the user's blood sugar. The interior of the contact lens is integrated with the LED design. Usually it will remain open. Once the wearer wears the contact lens value, it will automatically shut down.

This smart contact lens contains a mixture of substrates, transparent conductors, and many functional devices, including LED in functional devices. When using a smart contact lens, power transmission through an contained small antenna, LED pixels in the lens and glucose sensor are activated. Once the blood sugar values are detected over the tears, the resistance of the sensor will be reduced, the resistance of the LED series circuit is increased, and the LED light source will turn off automatically to remind the user to pay attention.

In the report, the team mentioned that blood glucose detection is miniaturized so that users do not need to detect blood glucose through large-scale instruments. At the same time, the report also pointed out that smart contact lens template can be quickly manufactured, coupled with the traditional processing method, which is conducive to mass production in the future. Although the product has been used in rabbit experiments, the team also says there is no side effects, but there is no human experiment. Scientists have doubts about whether the glucose oxidase in the sensor can damage the eyes, and how to prolong the life span, and can not ensure that the tears can be achieved through the tears. The blood sugar of the human body was measured.

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