Core Dragon Photoelectric Series Lights 2018SILF Perfectly Presents The Scenery Along The Central Moscow Coast.

- Aug 31, 2018-

"Landscape lighting in central Moscow" case

Shanghai Core Dragon SL1135FE-16 RGBW RDM 75W/AC220V is installed along the Central Line of Moscow. A bionic lamp pole is installed every 3-5 meters, totaling 7258 sets of lamps. The project is the only urban landscape lighting project in the Russian World Cup in 2018.——LED Landscape lighting

During the day, whether you wander in the tranquility of Victory Park or on the way to Moscow's Kremlin, you can feel the poles of landscape lamps with dragon-like photoelectric lamps standing along the way, like guards in Moscow protecting the whole city.——LED Landscape lighting

Quiet night, through the RGBW color interlacing, light and dark change, little by little, cluster, piece by piece, or light or heavy, big or small, colorful, but just right. Let fans from all over the world enjoy the sports grand occasion while sitting in the feast of lights.——LED Landscape lighting

In this September 3-5 Shanghai International Landscape Lighting Exhibition, Core Dragon Photovoltaic will show you the SL1135 projector used in the case of "Landscape Lighting Along the Central Line of Moscow", as well as other outdoor scenery applications.——LED Landscape lighting

Product Name: Shanghai core dragon SL1135 series projector lamp

Production unit: Shanghai core dragon Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Product features:

1, the series has 5 products of size and power, covering from 20W to 150W, each patent.

2. The surface is sprayed with double-layer salt-alkali resistant and corrosion-resistant fluorocarbon. It is amazing whether it is used in Moscow or Dubai.

3. The exterior structure of the luminaire adopts original double-chamber design, and is compatible with RGBW quad-in-one RDM bidirectional feedback function.

4. The minimum angle of the luminaire can reach 2.6 degrees. It can be adapted to a variety of light control accessories. At the same time, the product can be platform-based and customized.

SL1135 series lights

About core dragon photoelectric

Shanghai Sinlong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with a registered capital of 65 million yuan. The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Sinlong Innovation Optoelectronic (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xiang Yonglong Landscape Lighting Co., Ltd. The company focuses on the design, production and sales of LED outdoor buildings, landscape lighting and road lighting.——LED Landscape lighting

The core dragon photoelectric luminaires are sold well both at home and abroad. With the aim of "high quality and valuable", we have been focusing on the field of LED outdoor lighting and intelligent lighting. Lead advanced technology, produce high quality products and excellent management, devote to develop into a "domestic first-class, internationally renowned" LED outdoor landscape lighting brand benchmark enterprises.——LED Landscape lighting

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